Mimi was a well-known Nigerian Tiktok star whose passing came as a huge shock. Her pals now assert that there should be anxiety over the Tiktok star’s passing.

Mimi had more than 70,000 TikTok subscribers before her death, and some of them had already begun submitting pictures of her in her honour.

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Mimi Death Cause

On Monday, July 18, 2022, Mimi passed away unexpectedly and for an unknown reason. She supposedly passed away from a disease, but the exact cause of her passing is still unknown. Likewise, a lot of people have said that she was killed in a car accident.


People who were Mimi’s fans responded angrily to the news of her death. They have expressed their shock and quickly sent the Tiktok star’s family condolence messages.

“RIP MIMI shey you don’t leave me to go,” tweets @wendydior8. On Mimi’s most recent post, another user wrote: “Hope this is not accurate, Mimi.”

Another person comments, “I just saw the post on WhatsApp, and I decided to run to her Page to see if it is genuine.

Mimi Boyfriend Accused Of Using Her As A Ritual

Star of Tiktok According to Mimi’s pals, a relative of hers allegedly used her for ritual purposes. They believe that her partner was the cause of her passing.

Mimi’s lover, according to an unidentified Nigerian TikTok user who claimed to be a friend of Mimi, dumped her. She consequently fell ill without warning and died in the hospital.


“Mimi’s de@th is a great shock to us as she just fell ill and was anticipated to recover in a few days,” the user wrote.

“Her lover hurried her to the hospital, and we learned about his plot to use her for money rituals.” We then posted an SOS on WhatsApp asking for assistance, but Mimi passed away before they could reach the hospital.

The user added that when the deceased body was brought to the community, Mimi’s boyfriend disappeared. They had to transport Mimi’s corpse to her village because Mimi’s lover couldn’t be located at the hospital. But Mimi kept her boyfriend’s identity a secret practically every time we inquired about him, so we don’t even know his name.

Who Is Tiktok Star Mimi?

Mimi was well-known on Nigerian social media. She was identified by her well-known Twitter username, @bigbabymimi2.

Mimi used to post numerous types of stuff as a Tiktok creator. The majority of her videos were lip-syncing and comedy skits.

She released a new video on June 22, 2022. Mimi was seen dancing in the video, in which she wrote, “Best in consuming transportation money without showing up.

Mimi kept the identity of the Yahoo guy she was dating a secret. The enigmatic boy allegedly used her in a ceremony involving money, according to sources.

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