TikTok Star: Kylie Strickland Teeth, Reddit & Domestic Violence Details


Kylie Strickland is a well-known influencer and Tiktoker. Recently, she pushed her followers to speak out against domestic abuse.

Strickland’s oral health has also received attention since she shared her own survival story on Tiktok.

What Happened To Kylie Strickland’s Teeth?

Kylie Strickland had her teeth pulled before her initial live Tiktok appearance. As a result, she wears dentures, as shown by this uncontested proof.

According to a Reddit discussion, Strickland took them out after drinking. Her teeth have since been regularly discussed online.

Many Tiktok users have reported seeing her with cosmetic or porcelain veneers on her teeth. She has also long been thought to cover the front of her teeth with a custom-made shell to enhance her look.

A Reddit member named @jennaylb wrote: “Are they plastic or porcelain veneers? It resembles removable veneers “.


@Wonderful-Muscle3980 has responded: “She received complete dental implants! once took them out when high on life.”

A video of Strickland where she claimed to have been kicked in the mouth by a horse was also seen by some online users. However, they are still puzzled as to why the event only impacted her top teeth. They also believe that she lied when she claimed she had a broken nose or other injuries.

In a response on the same thread, @stinkytoes579. “What the heck? I must watch that on tape! She claims a horse kicked her in the mouth. HOWEVER, HOW COME THAT ONLY AFFECTED YOUR UPPER TEETH… NOTHING ELSE, RIGHT? No shattered nose, no bottom teeth How??”

What had indeed happened to Kylie Strickland’s teeth is yet unknown. However, some speculate that she may have broken her teeth while intoxicated or that it may be related to her experience with domestic abuse. On Reddit, there are a few more rumours and legends regarding her teeth.

About Kylie Strickland’s Domestic Violence

Many of Kylie Strickland’s fans have heard her account of surviving domestic abuse.

Strickland claimed last year that her ex-boyfriend Cody Weems had reportedly started abusing her. Cody frequently hit her when they were fighting. She even claimed that he often made death threats against her.

Strickland alleged that Cody had threatened her, her family, and her pets in an audio tape she had disseminated.

After being stomped by Cody in one of the events, Strickland spoke about her miscarriage. She also posted a photo of herself that showed several bruises, a broken tailbone, and a broken nose. She subsequently used her social media presence to speak out against physical violence.

After sharing her experience with domestic violence in the media, Strickland has seen a range of reactions. Her Titkok account was subsequently blocked as well.

Wikipedia: Who Is Kylie Strickland?

Before the company removed Kylie Strickland, a popular Tiktok user with more than 1 million members, she gained attention for her comedy and lip-syncing video under the name @kyliestrickland3.

As a result, she worked as an influencer full-time, earning roughly $1,000 daily. Additionally, Strickland claims to have an Onlyfan account, where she reportedly earns about $80,000 every month.

Strickland, a native of LaGrange, Georgia, is a mother of four. Her birthday is October 18, 1991.

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