The Way Home Filmed Locations, Release Date And Cast Members Details

The Canadian city of Toronto served as a location for The Way Home. The Hallmark series also utilizes more Ontario locales for filming.

Together with Mar Vista Entertainment and Neshama Entertainment, mother-daughter duo Heather Conkie and Alexandra Clarke executive produced the Heartland TV show.

The show’s endearing cast and breathtaking settings will win over even the coldest fans. The Way Home is an excellent program for individuals who enjoy dramatic and comedic stories.

The show’s creators have promised its viewers an uplifting and inspiring journey of self-discovery, healing, and optimism.

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Where Did They Shoot “The Way Home”?

Canada’s Toronto and the province of Ontario served as the film’s primary locations. There are three generations of women at the heart of The Way Home.

Production on the new Hallmark series, “The Way Home,” got underway in 2021. The program is an original TV series with a time travel twist that chronicles the lives of three generations of women in the Landry family in Port Haven.

Among the many Ontario locales used for filming was the quaint town of Uxbridge. This little village is ideal for filming this feel-good movie because of its stunning landscapes and small-town charm.

The show was first shot in September at the Roxy Theatre and will return there to shoot again, commencing on October 13, 2022.

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Uxbridge’s town council has given the filming the light, but they’ve asked the production to relocate its crew parking from Elgin Park to the Fields of Uxbridge to be as quiet as possible for locals.

If the team needed to park their vehicles, it would be preferable to do so in the Fields of Uxbridge rather than in Elgin Park to cause a minor inconvenience to the locals.

Dave Barton, mayor of Uxbridge, echoed the call for the production to make charitable contributions. Featuring the stunning landscape of Uxbridge and the touching narrative of the Landry family, this Hallmark movie is destined to become a classic.

When Is The Way Home Going To Be Released?

On January 15, 2023, The Way Home will be released to the public. The show’s creators claim it will take viewers on a journey of discovery, healing, and optimism that will leave them inspired and elevated.

On December 16, 2023, the show’s teaser premiered online and quickly gained attention. The new Hallmark program “The Way Home” is a family story that spans three generations of women in the fictional Port Haven, Florida, a family of the same name.

The drama revolves around the Landry family, specifically Kat (played by Leigh), her 15-year-old daughter Alice (played by Sadie Laflamme-Snow), and Kat’s mother Del (played by Andie MacDowell).

Kat and Del’s relationship has been strained for the past two decades because of the circumstances that caused Kat to leave her homeland of Port Haven. Alice never got to know her grandma. Therefore, she has no idea what caused her family to split up.

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But after Kat’s marriage crumbles and she loses her job, Del writes her a letter pleading for her to return. They finally make it to the family property, but it’s not the happy reunion Kat had been hoping for.

All three take a voyage of discovery and discovery as they try to establish their feet as a family. They figure out how to put the pieces of their shattered family back together again. Viewers will feel inspired and elevated after seeing the program full of touching moments.

Cast Members Of The Way Home

The cast in The Way Home is just great. In the show, seven main characters play pivotal roles. Andie MacDowell portrays the mother alienated from her daughter, and Leah Pipes plays the daughter who has returned.

Sadie Laflamme-Snow plays the granddaughter, a teenager who has never seen her grandmother. This program is fascinating and wonderful since it has drama, romance, and comedy. The supporting cast includes Evan Williams, Al Mukadam, and Jefferson Brown.

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