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La Big Bertha is a member of the Drag Race France cast. Explore more about her below.

She is influenced by Klaus Nomi, Jango Edwards, Michel Fau, and Ulrika Von GLott, as her acts are a perfect blend of wit and beautiful sarcasm with a touch of pathos.

Indeed, she was cast in Drag Race France, the French spin-off of the Emmy-winning reality competition series, which premieres in June and is hosted by Nicky Doll, Daphné Bürki, and Kiddy Smilem.

La Big Bertha: Drag Race France Cast

France’s Drag Race Before entering reality television, La Big Bertha was dubbed the “French Queen of Burlesque” and even had her show, La Bertha’s Fantasia.

She attends the national theatrical festival in Avignon regularly, spending months at a time there before drawing the attention of the management.

Her opera-like voice comes from hours of singing in the toilet, and she specializes in singing classics. So it was no surprise when Pop Models approached her and requested her to join their agency and send her to the show.

But don’t mistake her for lazy, as her itinerary appears to be jam-packed, with a Pop Models Nigth party on Friday and a Freestyle Dance party at La Villette on the same day, with 337 people in attendance.

FInd La Big Bertha’s Real Name And Age

Queen of the Drag, La Big Bertha’s true name was Loc Assemat, and she was born on May 19th.
The 36-year-old is from Castres, France, and has been dancing since she was six years old.

Her community has always been supportive of her interests since she has been involved in the profession since she was in elementary school.

He got more prolific in dance, jazz, and tap training when she joined a theater team at the age of 12 and went all over the country performing musicals.

She has a secret identity. During one of the events, La Big Bertha was born, displaying her vivid character blended with burlesque. With a full face of beard and eccentric wigs, the alter ego has a touch of feminity, a dash of a large tongue, and a spoonful of naivete.

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La Big Bertha’s Partner

Burlesque La Big Bertha hasn’t mentioned a partner yet. Finding out if she had a love interest became more difficult once her social media accounts were erased.

But that may be tough since you can’t keep your gaze away from the dynamically curvaceous 6ft 10 bearded lady as she entices you in with charisma unlike any other.

Her shrill voice would jolt you awake, and her innuendos might make you cry. Her size should not be mistaken for obesity, since she is proud of her physique and appears to dislike fat shamers.

She may appear pleasant, but if you touch her anger, her work cuts deeper than blades.

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La Big Bertha On Instagram

La Big Bertha used to have an Instagram account with the handle labiiigbertha. It was recently deleted for unknown reasons.

She had around 400 posts taken down from the platform previously. She did not entirely shut off touch with her fans since she maintains a Twitter account with 160 followers, @BigBerthaParis.

She is most active on Facebook, where she never misses an update on her future events and performances, since she receives the majority of her fans through the same platform.

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