Teressa Liane
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Teressa Liane, an Australian actress who is 38 and appeared in the 2022 mystery-thriller “The Reef: Stalked,” has been dating Trevor E.S. Juarez for more than six years.

After making appearances in the popular series “The Vampire Diaries,” the gifted actress gained notoriety. She rose to fame in the US thanks to her performances in Roman Empire and Into the Badlands.

As Tammy Frazer in the Australian serial series Neighbors, Liane made her acting debut. Later, Teressa played Adrianne in the short film Rorrim and the television series Rhiannon Bates.

In the third season of the well-liked Netflix documentary drama Roman Empire, “Caligula: The Mad Emperor,” she played Agrippina the Younger, Caligula’s younger sister.

Let’s examine the actress Teressa Liane and some little-known facts about her in this post.

Actress Teressa Liane Biography: Her Wikipedia Details

Nic was portrayed by Australian actress Teressa Liane in the suspenseful drama “The Reef: Stalked.” Nic (Teressa Liane), the protagonist of the film, is searching for the killer of her sister.

The Reef: Stalked delves into Teressa Liane’s unique life story as she struggles with her water-related post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) on top of her very real dread of the shark’s obvious dangers.

Teressa Liane
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Due to her huge following and global fame, she has been mentioned in a number of news stories, including ones on Wikipedia. 2011 saw Liane’s television debut in the Australian soap series Neighbours.

Two years later, Teressa had a recurring role in the same TV show as Rhiannon Bates. She made a comeback in 2012 as the daring character, which was an immediate smash.

Later, she played Angelica in the television series Into the Badlands, Mary Louise, a vampire hybrid siphoner in The Vampire Diaries on The CW, and Adrianne in the short film Rorrim.

The role of Kaylee Dawson was played by Liane in the 2021 musical thriller “His Killer Fan.” Her most recent roles were Nic in “The Reef: Stalked” and Trident in “The Spy Who Never Dies.”

Actress Teressa Liane Age And Height

Teressa Liane, who will be 38 in 2022, is a tall 5’4″ woman who used to identify as a tomboy and spend all of her time on the basketball court.

Teressa Liane
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When Liane was 15, she was selected to try out for the Victoria State basketball team. She did, however, come to realize how much she loved acting.

The skilled Australian actress is recognized for her work as Rhiannon Bates in Neighbours, Mary Louise on The Vampire Diaries, and Angelica on Into the Badlands.

She improved both her writing and performance abilities while she was a student at La Trobe University. She later earned her degree and focused solely on working in the film and television industries.

Teressa Liane Boyfriend: Know About Her Partner

Trevor E.S. Juarez, Teressa Liane’s boyfriend, is a Melbourne-based musician. He enhances the emotion, sentiment, and beauty in contemporary electronic music.

Although it is unknown when the two began dating, on June 7, 2016, they made their Instagram accounts public. On social media, the couple routinely posts a cute moment.

In 2016, Trevor released the stunning four-track EP Hearts & Halos, which he co-produced with MSquared Productions and Jan Skubiszewski.

Teressa Liane
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He was given the opportunity to work with prominent Australian bands and composers after being signed by the music management company Mammal Sounds.

Golden Vessel, a buddy of Juarez’s from Mammal Sounds management, created and mixed “Drift,” which he uploaded in 2017 and which instantly went viral online.

The song has received more than 2 million streams on Apple Music and over 6 million on Spotify since its debut. His seventh song, “Home For Now,” became a hit all over the world.

Teressa Liane’s Parents: Her Sibling Names

Teressa Liane’s mother adored ballads, and her father enjoyed old melodies, though she hasn’t revealed the names of her parents.

Her parents participated in numerous musical events across the nation as vocalists in their teens. Teressa received complete support in her profession as a result.

She grew up alongside her sister Catherine and brother Benji Lewis. Catherine enjoys R&B music a lot, but her brother likes rock music more.

Can We Find Teressa Liane On Instagram? 

Teressa Liane
(Image Source: instagram.com)

You can follow Teressa Liane on Instagram at @teressaliane. The Australian actress has 59.6k followers on her verified public account.

Her Instagram post includes images and trailers for her upcoming films and television programs. She also enjoys visiting stunning locations throughout the world.

After publishing images of herself and her partner Trevor E.S. Juarez, she frequently discusses her romantic life. On Instagram, he goes under the handle @newyearscake.

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