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Diego Loyzaga’s mother, Teresa Loyzaga, 56, is a well-known Filipino actress and model due to her previous union with Diego’s father, actor Cesar Montano. Before she took out for Australia in the early 2000s, Teresa, a seasoned actor in the Filipino film industry, had established a sizable fan base.

  • Teresa Loyzaga is best known for playing Greta Fontanilla in the film I Can See You.
  • In 2022, Teresa Loyzaga will be 56 years old as she was born on November 13, 1965.
  • In the late 1980s, Teresa Loyzaga got married for the first time to businessman Arnold Dizon.

Diego Loyzaga Mother Actress Teresa Loyzaga Wikipedia Details

Teresa Loyzaga is a well-known actress for playing Greta Fontanilla in the film I Can See You. Despite having 68 performing credits to her record, the earliest of which is from 1992, the talented actor is not yet recognized on Wikipedia.

The actress from the Philippines was born into a well-known and esteemed family there. The greatest basketball player the Philippines has ever produced is her father, Carlos Loyzaga.

The actress went on to play a variety of demanding and diversified parts after making her film debut in 1992’s First Heartbeat.


Between her acting debut and her exit from the entertainment world in 2000, the actress experienced two disastrous marriages. She had a son, Joseph Loyzaga, with Arnold Dizon, whom she briefly married.

She had an affair with actor Cesar Montona, with whom she had Diego Loyzaga, after her divorce from Arnold Dizon.

Prior to returning to the Philippines in 2017, she had taken both of her sons to Australia, where she had reared them for 17 years.

While she was living in Australia, she worked a variety of odd jobs that weren’t as glamorous as her acting career, including photocopying, paper delivery, a call center, and working at a bank. In 2008, Teresa decided to commit to her dream of working as a flight attendant with Qantas.

Teresa has resumed her career in show business as of 2017. The mother of two made the decision to go back since her younger son Diego Loyzaga made the decision to try his luck as an actor in the Philippines and found success right away.

In the Marry Me, Marry You series and the TV serial Return to Paradise as of 2022, the actress played Rina.

Teresa Loyzaga Age And Height

In 2022, Teresa Loyzaga will be 56 years old. She was born on November 13, 1965. The actress stands at 5 feet 7 inches.

At the age of 27, the actress made her professional debut. By the time she was 35, she had moved to Australia with her two boys.


Teresa remembers how challenging it was to bring up her two sons in a foreign country, far from the opulent lifestyle in the Philippines.

The actress, who had a comfortable upbringing from her parents, had to make some significant changes as she tried to raise two of her sons.

But it’s clear from Diego’s success in the Filipino entertainment business that Teresa never faltered.

Teresa Loyzaga First Husband

In the late 1980s, Teresa Loyzaga got married for the first time to businessman Arnold Dizon. The couple’s first kid, Joseph, was born in 1989, and the early years of their marriage were happy ones. However, things turned sour when Teresa requested a divorce in 1995.

Teresa filed for divorce from her ex-husband Arnold Dizon due to his persistent, unacceptable clinging to his parents.

From 1995 until 1999, the couple struggled over who would get custody of their kid. Teresa finally prevailed in the custody dispute in April of 1999.

Teresa and Arnold were ordered by the court to provide Joseph, their son, with equal support of P7,500 each. The court also decided that Joseph should spend the weekdays with Teresa and the weekends with his father.

The actress traveled to Australia with Joseph and his half-brother Diego in 2000 and returned to the Philippines in 2017 after a 17-year absence.

Famous Siblings Of Teresa Loyzaga

Three of Teresa Loyzaga’s siblings are all accomplished professionals in their industries, just like Teresa. The actress was the third and first daughter of her parents. She has a younger sister and two elder brothers.

Before playing professionally for the Philippine Basketball Association, her two brothers, Joaquin (also known as Chito) and Joey, played basketball for San Beda College in the National Athletic Association.

Bing Loyzaga, her younger sister, is also an actress and is well-known for her work in the films Rubi and Dementia. She wed actor-singer Janno Gibbs in 1990, and the couple has two daughters together: Alyssa and Gabby.

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