British Actor Terence Booth To Play As Jim Walker In 'As Dusk Falls': His Age And Height
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Terence Booth, 72, became well-known for his role as Jim Walker in the computer game “As Dusk Falls.” Find out more about the actor in this article below.

As Dusk Falls is a new storytelling adventure game developed by Interior Night and published by Xbox Game Studios. Terence from As Dusk Falls did an excellent job portraying and bringing his character to life.

Each voice actor does an excellent job of bringing the characters to life and keeping the players engaged throughout Dusk Falls, which is primarily an acting game.

Terence Booth Bio Details

Terence Booth plays Jim, Zoe’s grandfather, and Vince’s father, both of whom suffer from dementia in As Dusk Falls. Terence is a part-time actor who appears in only a few projects per year.

According to the trailer for As Dusk Falls, he was present at Two Rock and appeared to have survived the following events. Terence is joined in the game by Jessie, a canine sidekick.

In his early years, he appeared at the Nuffield Theatre in England in Claire Luckham’s play “Dogspot” in 1994. He has good relationships with other celebrities and is well-known for his personality after many years of acting in the industry.

What Is Terence Booth Age?

Terence will be 72 years old in 2022. Even though his birthdate is not on the internet, the sources estimate his age to be 72. However, he has not revealed any details about his personal life.

Image Source: Facebook

He has acted in several films and television shows throughout the years, though it has been a while since he was actively engaged in this line of work. He made his acting debut in a documentary in 1980.

He just appeared in the highly praised video game “As Dusk Falls.”

Terence Booth Height And Weight Explored

Terence is a professional actor who stands 6′ 2″ tall and weighs 83kg. He resides in the UK with his family and is of White/European descent.

However, he has never revealed any info about his family or private life to the media. He has kept everything confidential up to this point and has no intention of doing so.

What Does Terence Booth Play As In The Video Game As Dusk Falls?

Terence played Jim Walker in the 2022 video game “As Dusk Falls,” which was launched on July 19. Terence is one of the cast members of this project. Jim is Vince’s father and Zoe’s grandfather in the video game.

As Dusk Falls’ cast members all deliver excellent performances. It is an engaging, interactive drama game with an intriguing premise.

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