Taylor Dupriest Bio, Wikipedia, Married Life, And Facts Related To Her

Former Kid Nation Taylor Dupriest member, has found employment at Innovative Therapy Concepts. There is a marriage between Taylor and Samuel Youngblood.

The model was Miss Georgia Sweetheart in 2005 and a 2005 inductee into the Junior Miss Georgia Forestry Hall of Fame. She has been on the Disney Channel show Show Your Stuff and has released many prints.

On the show Kids Nation, she was one of forty children who were asked to get along without much adult supervision. Famous among the show’s fans was DuPriest, thanks to her slogan Deal with it! And her extreme lethargy.

On September 19, 2007, CBS aired Kid Nation, an American reality TV show presented by Jonathan Karsh. The show’s original premiere date was in the middle of 2007.

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Where Is Kid Nation’s Taylor Dupriest?

Now that she’s grown up, Kid Nation’s Taylor Dupriest is a licensed therapist. Taylor is presently located in Sylvester, Georgia.

It says on her LinkedIn page that she is currently employed as an occupational therapist for Innovative Therapy Concepts.

She helps people whose mental, emotional, developmental, or physical health typically prevents them from going about their everyday lives.

Dupriest earned her master’s degree in occupational therapy from the University of St. Augustine. She graduated from Georgia Southern University as well.

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Treatment of the whole patient sets the Dupriest profession apart from others in healthcare, like physical therapy or nursing.

While conventional medicine focuses on fixing one specific problem at a time (such as an accident, illness, or impairment), this kind of treatment might have unexpected benefits.

When she was younger, she appeared on the CBS show Kid Nation. She was one of the forty children who, with little guidance from adults, tried establishing a government and order in the town.

Taylor Dupriest’s Husband, Samuel Youngblood

On March 19, 2022, Taylor Dupriest and Samuel Youngblood tied the knot. Since 2014, they’ve been in a committed partnership. Friends and family celebrated the happy couple’s marriage at the picturesque Gin Creek Plantation.

She shared photographs from her wedding on Instagram with the message, “Life is joyful with him.” She also shared a video from the wedding on YouTube, showing her happy guests.

She also added that she enjoys engaging in rap fights with him while on the mike in another shot. She had seven attendants, all in white, and her sister Hannah DuPriest served as maid of honour, as reported by the website the knot.

Samuel, Taylor Ann Dupriest’s husband, is a farmer, and he raises cows. Facebook albums showing his farm animals and tractors at work in the field attest to his passion for farming and animal husbandry.

Whenever he can, he goes out into the field to work, and when he’s not doing that, he spends time with his wife.

Kid Nation’s Taylor Dupriest

Kid Nation’s Taylor Dupriest represented the Sylvester, Georgia, district as a representative. She was a town council member on the program when she first appeared when she was just ten years old, but she was eventually replaced by Zach in a close vote of 4 to 5.

While Dupriest was presented as a slacker, she served on the council and set a bad example for her other district residents by not getting them to help with duties. Her character was negatively portrayed in the show.

She realized after the show concluded that she had behaved quite poorly throughout that time. Even in an interview, she admitted that the producers had instructed her to portray herself negatively.

Somebody said on her IMDB page that she was just a kid and that CBS mistreated her. She has more compassion and empathy than the majority of grownups.

She went from being the antagonist on a reality program to graduating from college and actively striving to improve her life and the lives of others around her.

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