Vegan Activist Tash Peterson Received Death Threats: Her Boyfriend Instagram And OnlyFans Details

Vegan Activist Tash Peterson Recevied Death Threats: Her Boyfriend Instagram And OnlyFans Account

While using a digital camera, a horse rider made homicide threats against Melbourne activist Tash Peterson.

Tash Peterson, a Melbourne activist, was threatened with death. Tash Peterson, a Melbourne activist, recently made headlines worldwide after receiving death threats while protesting.

Peterson is a well-known Perth, Western Australian businesswoman, activist, and social media influencer. She is famous throughout the country for her animal rights activism.

She is well-known for her pro-animal-rights demonstrations. In the country, Tash is also known as V-gan Booty. She not only did that but also marched in various animal rights marches.

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Vegan Activist Tash Peterson Received Death Threats: What Happened To Her?

Tash Peterson was warned to avoid being killed by a horse driving force while photographing him with her digital camera, but she isn’t yet rendered useless.

She has focused on upscale clothing boutiques selling fur, supermarkets, fast food corporations, soccer games, and eating establishments. She poses naked while walking down the street wearing indicators.

To draw attention to the “sheep who are abused and murdered in the wool industry,” the activist was shown pink marks on her face and dressed in a white bathrobe.

Later that day, she and two other girls were seen in Melbourne’s central shopping district dressed in topless protest attire.

Ms. Peterson claimed that people in Melbourne are “more responsive” to her message than in Western Australia, where she encountered more opposition.

She insisted that the sale and consumption of meat had normalized homicide, but she had no ill will or hatred toward non-vegans or those working in the meat industry.

Tash Peterson Boyfriend Jack Higgs

According to her social media accounts, Tash Peterson has been seeing Jack Higgs for quite some time. Her partner, Jack Higgs, is an animal rights activist.


Both have taken part in numerous animal rights demonstrations. Jack’s Instagram bio shows he is a skilled nutritionist with a school stage. V-gan Booty has also posted several photos of Jack on social media.

Tash Peterson is speaking to Christians about her family’s history. She is still looking for the names of her relatives. Her father, according to media reports, is an entrepreneur.

Tash Peterson Instagram And OnlyFans Account

Tash Peterson uses an Instagram account with the handle @vganbootyy.

She also has an OnlyFans account with the handle @tashpeterson, which has more than 10k followers. On a mission to help animals is her OnlyFans bio.

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