Mathew Brumfitt, the husband of Taryn Brumfitt, serves as the film’s executive producer. 2023 Australian of the Year is Taryn Brumfitt.

In 2023, Taryn was honoured as Australia’s Outstanding Young Citizen. Although she has achieved incredible notoriety as a champion for body positivity, she has had to overcome significant personal challenges to reach where she is today.

She had three children, and her self-consciousness about her figure was the initial trigger. She was so unhappy with her figure that she had pondered having breast implants and other procedures done.

The realization that she had nothing to teach her daughter about loving and embracing one’s body until she did so prompted a shift in her perspective on her body.

The beginning of her quest was to become the kind of person who would serve as an example to many others worldwide.

Her spouse had supported her endeavours, but as her stardom grew, their relationship began to cause problems.

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Taryn’s Husband, Mathew Brumfitt

Mathew Brumfitt, Taryn’s spouse, works in film production. Matthew served as the documentary Embrace’s executive producer.

The film prompted viewers to reevaluate their attitudes toward their physical selves. After going famous in 2013 with atypical before and after photos on Facebook, Taryn uses this to examine international concerns about body hatred.

Mathew is not only the CEO of Argo Global, but he also works as a producer. He entered the workforce soon after finishing his study at RMIT and the Royal Brisbane Institute of Technology.

Between 2005 and 2015, he was employed at Vanguard Logistics Services and Integral Logistics. Moreover, he serves on the executive committee of Cycling South Australia.

In 2021, he was elected to serve on AusCycling’s national advisory council, and by 2022, he was named chair of the state advisory council.

He also has three kids with his wife, Taryn. They are parents to three wonderful children: a boy named Oliver and Cruz and a girl named Mikaela.

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He and the activist had a rocky marriage at one point. Body and Soul describe how the fact that she had built her career on optimism and was so frequently recognized in public hampered her professional and personal life.

They’ve been together for 19 years and raised three children as a couple. She has seen many people brag about their lengthy marriages and often seem miserable in their partnerships.

As a result, she decided to end her family in 2020 so that she may pursue her own happiness. The struggle to adjust to life without Matthew was real.

However, her broken heart was mended by Tim Pearson, a man she met on a dating app while randomly switching profiles to relive the excitement of the dating scene. They’ve joined their families, moved in together, and are responsible for four kids and a dog.

Australian Of The Year: Taryn Brumfitt

It was announced that Taryn would be 2023’s Australian of the Year. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese reportedly told at Canberra’s National Arboretum ceremony on Wednesday night.

The activist is at the helm of the Body Image Movement in Adelaide, an organization that advocates for body acceptance and positivity.

Chairwoman of the National Australia Day Council, Danielle Roche, praised the campaigner for helping millions of women feel confident in their bodies.

People are being harassed and shamed into believing that their bodies are the problem, she claimed, causing a pediatric health emergency in Australia. She also noted the widespread despondency we feel whenever we consider our physical selves.

She clarified that she meant for us to get up and walk about, eat well, treat our bodies with respect, and have fun with the vehicles we carry around our lives. She argued that caring for something one did not have passion for was impossible.

Body Images Movement Was Found By Taryn Brumfitt

In 2012, Brumfitt established the Body Images Movement. However, once she shared a “before” and “after” photo of herself, her cause became well recognized.

She didn’t suddenly lose weight. Instead, the first photo was taken before she had kids, and the second was born after she did.

The image was shared three million times and went viral. She was inspired to take more action because of this.

She travelled to various places and met with numerous people who were also experiencing body dissatisfaction or had been through something similar.

She released a documentary in 2016 that encouraged viewers to embrace their physical identities. The work she’s doing to encourage self-acceptance in others has been beneficial to her career.

The Australian Financial Review recognized her as one of the 100 Most Powerful Women in 2018. The 2019 Australian of the Year competition also has her as a finalist.

The same year, she received the SA Award for Excellence in Women’s Leadership from Women and Leadership Australia; she was named EY Entrepreneur of the Year, South Australia.

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