The American rapper Symba, age 23, is originally from the country of his birth. However, his hometown was the Bay Area in California, where he had a particularly musical upbringing.

He has worked hard to get as much attention as possible and received many positive reviews on his music. He is passionate about music, especially rapping, and considers it one of his most important life goals.

He was a great basketball player around the Bay Area as a youth. He had the opportunity to debut himself by rapping at the exact moment.

When he witnessed one of his buddies, Bam, rapping at his house one day, he immediately wanted to join him on stage. As a result, Symba has now developed into one of the top rappers of all time.

At a very young age, Symba started his career as a battle rapper. He used to fight at school with classmates and neighborhood kids.

Since he acquired his name from “The Lion King,” many people have been curious about it. However, he had only ever seen this one movie as a kid, and it was in his junior year of high school, his voice began to take shape.

He loved music a lot and wanted to become a rapper. A girl from his class noticed him because she enjoyed his singing. After that, Symba decided to give up basketball and started putting his musical career first.

He is always in the moment when he sings and has a beautiful talent for extending into written raps.

Great musicians like Jay-Z, Biggie, Ice Cube, E-40, and Too Short were among the music he listened to growing up. But, of course, he was also greatly affected by the G.O.A.T.s.

Symba Wikipedia, Bio, Musical Journey, Career Earnings And Net Worth Details Of Rapper
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Symba Wikipedia Bio

Oakland, California’s Bay Area, is where Symba Rapper was born and bred. He has a very long history of involvement in the music community. He started as a rap battler when he was just a teenager.

Symba also appreciates crafting timeless lyrics with a smooth flow. Additionally, he not only adheres to the conventional rap style but also makes an effort to incorporate fresh melodies into his compositions.

The rapper is renowned for destroying L.A. Leaker’s freestyle and becoming famous online. The well-known LeBron shared a story post about Symba’s freestyle moment on his official Instagram account.


In addition, Symba claims that he is unquestionably a lyric-driven guy when it comes to music. Of course, he reveres the melody as well. But what sets him apart and makes him unique is his comprehension of lyrics.

In one of his interviews, Symba claimed that he is an emotional person who sobs uncontrollably. So one day, he would be lazily sitting in the garage.

Many have compared Symba’s sound to Jay-Z, Fabolous, and Jadakiss, whom he greatly admires. He excels at all these comparisons since he is a substantial Jay-Z admirer, and his rapping style dramatically influences him.

Known asSymba
Date of BirthApril 11, 1999
Place of BirthUnited States
Age23 years old

Symba Musical Journey Details

Rapper Symba has been in the spotlight for a while and is now in his rightful place.

Symba’s discharge “He was all over the internet when Don’t Run from R.A.P. (Responsibilities and Principles) of 2019 was released.

LeBron was impressed by his performance and flow and declared that the West Coast rapper would be the “next.’ The song “Don’t Condone” from his previous album is viral among his supporters.

Symba is highly concerned about racial prejudice in America and how it has affected people. He believes all these individuals have been imprisoned in workplaces, ghettos, and cities.

He wrote a song titled “Trapped” that discusses how those suffering cannot break free of their circle of hell.

He instantly released another song after finishing “Trapped” on how religion is morphing into unlawful activity and how people are selling illegal goods to bring their families out of the ghetto.

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After that, Symba recorded “Birds in the Bando,” another tune. Someone who assisted Symba in joining the music started to display jealousy, which led to the formation of Birds in the Bando.

Symba claimed that even though it was an unfamiliar circumstance, he still respected his friend and had no malice or ulterior motives. He thinks that people sometimes say things they weren’t aware of before drinking.

His other works, such as “Big Homie” and “We Tried,” are all very well-produced and instructive. The idea of confidence runs across the majority of his songs.

Symba contrasts himself with Steph Curry of the Golden State N.B.A. team when questioned about it. Your confidence grows as a result of your hard work and persistence. He thinks regular effort and consistency are essential.

The rapper’s real name is Sylvain Mabe. Nevertheless, when he performs, he introduces himself as Symba. Symba has a private existence and has kept his friends’ identities a secret.


Symba Career Earnings And Net Worth Details Of Rapper

The rapper Symba is thought to be worth $7.4 million. This information is reported on; neither the official website nor the rapper has independently verified it.

He has garnered a lot of admirers and followers all across the world since making his debut. In addition, his tracks and albums have received high praise from critics in the entertainment world.

He has saved up all the money he earned as a rapper. He sold hundreds of thousands of albums throughout his musical career, demonstrating his enormous success.

His albums have set records globally and are among the best-selling ones. In addition, Symba has amassed enormous wealth due to his tireless efforts, love for music, and devotion to it.

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The majority of his earnings have come through albums and collaborations. As an artist, he also participates in endorsement and sponsorship agreements. He has other merch businesses and makes money from adverts as well.

It makes sense why he is one of the wealthiest rappers in the United States. Additionally, he makes some money via his YouTube channel, which has more than 17K subscribers and 1.6 million views.

The rapper has an opulent lifestyle. We can infer that from his presence on several social media platforms. Rapper Symba has resided in some of the priciest homes that cost millions.

In addition to rapping, Symba has worked in the film industry. He made appearances in films and T.V. shows like Dschermeni (2017) and Slborn (2017).

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