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Steve Wozniak Family Members: Find His Children, Partner And Family Background

  • February 20, 2023
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Steve Clark and his wife, slalom canoeist Candice Clark Wozniak, are the parents of three kids. In June 1983, Steve went with Candice to the U.S. Festival in Glen

Steve Clark and his wife, slalom canoeist Candice Clark Wozniak, are the parents of three kids. In June 1983, Steve went with Candice to the U.S. Festival in Glen Helen Recreational Park in southern California.

Steve is from the United States. He works in technology as an electrical engineer, computer programmer, philanthropist, inventor, and businessman.

As a co-founder of Apple Computer, the biggest technology business in the world, he has greater popularity. He has approximately 50 years of experience as a corporate colleague.

In 1976, he started the tech company with Steve Jobs, one of the best-known businessmen in the United States. As of June 2022, Apple Inc. was ranked as the largest company in the world by market capitalization.

It is the second-largest producer of mobile phones. Wozniak’s name comes to mind when people talk about the most important people who came before the personal computer revolution.

His accomplishments while working for Apple in the 1970s and 1980s are extremely admirable.

He is currently the scientist for Fusion Power. He started working there in July 2014. Wozniak presided over Wheels of Zeus for three years prior.

Steve Wozniak Family Members: Find His Children, Partner And Family Background

Members Of The Wozniak Family

Sara Nadine Wozniak, Stephen Gary Wozniak Jr., and Jesse John Wozniak are the three children of Steve Wozniak, the father.

With the help of his second wife, Candice Clark, Wozniak fathered a child. Before that, he married Alice Robertson in 1976. They never had children, and their marriage only lasted four years.

After three years of separation from Clark, Wozniak married American lawyer Suzanne Mulkern. In 2004, his marriage fell apart for the third time.

He is currently married to Janet Hill. After some time of dating, the pair were married on August 8, 2008, in California. Hill was a former Apple executive in charge of education development.

Two Sons Were Born To Steve Wozniak And Candice Clark.

In June 1981, Steve Wozniak married Candice Clark, his second wife. Candice is an ex-slalom canoeist from the United States.

Before the engineer requested a divorce in 1987, the pair had been married for about six years.

Also, after their divorce was finalized, they had a third child. The 1976 U.S. Olympic team member is currently married to Ronald J. Kauffman.

Jesse John Wozniak Is A Professor Of Sociology

On February 9, 1982, Jesse John was born in the United States. Jesse John recently turned 41 years old.

He works as a professor at West Virginia University in the department of sociology and anthropology. He started attending college in the 2013 spring season.

Steve Wozniak Family Members: Find His Children, Partner And Family Background

His educational background includes a doctorate in sociology from the University of Minnesota. His research has been published in academic journals like the British Journal of Criminology, Peace Research, Punishment, and Society.

Stephen Gary Wozniak Jr. Enjoys Skeleton Racing

Stephen Gary Wozniak Jr., the family’s youngest son, was born in 1987 in San Jose, California’s Santa Clara County. A few months after his parents’ divorce, Stephen was born.

Stephen has a sister who is three years his senior and a brother who is five years his senior. He went to the University of Colorado’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and got his degree there.

The 5-foot-8-inch-tall man participated in competitive snowboarding and wrestling during high school.

He traveled to Vancouver in 2010 to watch the Olympic Winter Games. After witnessing the skeleton, he had a greater interest in the game.

An Olympic winter sport known as skeleton involves competitors riding head-first and prone on a flat sledge.

Sara Nadine Wozniak Is Only Child Of Steve Wozniak

Sara Nadine, the sole child of Steve Wozniak, was born in August 1984. Nadine is currently 38 years old.

Sara Nadine is an attorney for the U.S. Olympic Committee in Colorado Springs. Despite being a well-known person’s daughter, she has kept a low profile and hardly ever makes the news.

Sara may enjoy keeping her life a secret because she has no social media accounts. As was already indicated, she might prioritize her duties over online networking.

Steve Wozniak Is The Co-Founder Of Apple Computers

Co-founding Apple Computer with Steve Wozniak. For more than 40 years, Wozniak has been the best.


On April 1, 1976, Wozniak, his friend and business partner Steve Jobs, and retired American businessman Ronald Gerald Wayne created Apple Inc. (formerly known as Apple Computer Corporation).

The company was founded in Los Altos, California, with 522 retail locations operating as of 2022. It releases items such as AirPods, Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone, and numerous others.

The family of electronics engineers and inventors values education. Francis Jacob “Jerr” Woziak, his father, worked as an engineer for Lockheed. Former tech executive Mark Wozniak is his brother.

He also has a sister, Leslie Wozniak, a grant adviser for the Five Bridges Foundation. Her mother, Margaret Louise, encouraged the siblings to act.

He was always fascinated by science, technology, and invention. He went where he wanted to go and got a B.Sc. in computer science and a B.E. in electrical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.

The President of the United States also awarded him the 1985 National Medal of Technology.

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