The monkey face filter is now taking over the internet. By reading this article, you will be able to learn how to use this filter on Tiktok.

People frequently come up with original techniques to entertain both themselves and the person seated next to them. This style received one of the major improvements following the emergence of the filter and effects cultures.

Filters, effects, and other masks are currently very popular on social media. Not even uploading unaltered videos or photos online is permissible.

Monkey Face Filter
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How Do I Use The TikTok Monkey Face Filter?

The monkey face filter may be easily accessed in TikTok’s effect area. You can appear to be a comical monkey if you use an overlay technique known as the monkey face filter effect.

That monkey can imitate your facial movements so precisely that even your movements—such as grinning or moving around—will be reflected on the monkey’s face.

More than 8 million users have used the hashtag “monkey filter” to share movies they’ve made with the monkey face filter.

The trend was most usually started with Konnichiwa Sayonara. The Cutie Pie filter, which inflates your face into a cute baby face, helped make this sound first popular.

Later, though, when pranking videos grew in popularity, focus shifted to the monkey filter. As soon as the sound started, people would rush to exhibit their adorable faces, but when it became clear that they were actually monkeys, they felt tricked.

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Steps To Apply The Monkey Face Filter On TikTok

Image Source: tiktok

Contrary to popular perception, the filter may be accessed by just signing into TikTok; it is not necessary to download it from another app or anything comparable.

Step 1: Open the TikTok app on your phone and tap the + symbol to start. You arrive at the same place while using the app to create photographs or movies.

Step 2: When you get to the page, you may choose whether to use the front or back camera to create your movie.

Step 3: Make a choice and look for the effects option on the left side of the screen. Other options and features will be displayed at the bottom of the screen when you choose it.

Step 4: You have it if you can see the filter in the trending effects area that displays a monkey face.

Step 5: Try putting “monkey face” into the block’s search box if you are having trouble finding a monkey face filter. Choose the first filter and click the circle. There are other filters.


Go to your TikTok home page and put “monkey face” into the search bar if you attempted this procedure and were still unable to access the filter. You can access millions of videos that were produced with this filter.

The name of the effect should be immediately recognizable when you tap on any of those videos above the TikTok user’s name. Once you click that filter, a video button will appear at the bottom of the page, which you can select to go to the video’s source. Apply the filter now that you’re prepared.

As soon as you tap it in Step 5 while keeping your face close to the camera, the filter will be applied to your face. Whatever the expression on your face—smile, laugh, cry—the filter will react in the same way.

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