In 2021, Stephanie Florian’s husband, Rod Mclnnes, died of cancer. Rod, Stephanie, and their two boys are residing in the Golden State.

The actress has worked with some of the world’s most prestigious corporations, brands, and media figures. She has a background in radio, television, and film production and broadcasting.

Throughout her career, Steph has hosted and reported for major market TV networks and radio stations, including national travel and wellness programs for CTV’s The Social and community reporting for News1130, before spending the last decade as the face of Vancouver’s weather forecast.

She has written for several different outdoor and lifestyle magazines and likes performing. In October 2022, Steph, an actress, began working as the weekend weather analyst on Global News Morning weekends and Global News at Noon weekends.

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Stephanie Florian’s Husband Rod McInnes

Rod McInnes, the husband of Stephanie Florian, battled stage 4 colon cancer. His cancer was advanced and had already metastasized to multiple organs.

According to his Gofundme page, he was diagnosed with cancer while still fighting off the deadly sickness.

Although he fought bravely, Rod succumbed to his cancer during therapy and passed away. On October 31, 2021, Steph uploaded an Instagram photo honoring her spouse.

Steph expressed her gratitude for the memories they had in a touching letter. She reflected on the memories she shared with her husband in a poem she penned for him.

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One of Stephanie’s friends started the Gofundme website to help with her medical bills. She said that she and Stephani met their future spouses at their place of employment.

However, tragedy hit Stephanie and her family later in life when her devoted spouse was afflicted with cancer.

The community rallied together and raised around CAD 22,205 for Rod’s medical care. But his struggle was brief, and he lost his life to long-term disease, leaving behind a lovely wife and young children.

Stephanie Florian And Her Children

Rob’s death has left Stephanie with two boys, Cash and Presley. The elder sibling is named Cash, while the younger sibling is named Presley.

While their exact ages remain unknown, it is safe to say that there is a substantial gap between them. On March 9, Cash shared a photo on Instagram in which he and his father appeared with captions in which Cash reflected on the many ways his father had influenced his life.

Cash shared how, despite his health problems, his father was always concerned about the well-being of his family.

Steph also just shared a photo of herself and her boys on social media, lamenting the loss of Rob over the holiday season. It would appear that the family has not moved on from the tragedy of Rob’s death.

But Florian has worked hard to be a good mother to her boys and to fill the role of a father figure. All she wants is for her children to feel secure in her love and protection.

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