Stacey Solomon Pregnant Again: Find Stacey Solomon Husband, Married Life, And Children Details

After Stacey Solomon shared a picture of her expanding stomach on Instagram, her followers were left in the dark. By 2022, will she be expecting?

Despite not having official confirmation, Solomon, who is already a mother of four children, might soon give birth to her fifth kid.

Some of Stacey’s Instagram fans started to think that she might be expecting her fifth kid after noticing what seems to be a baby bump in numerous of her images.

Stacey is a British singer and television personality. Her participation in and third-place performance on The X Factor’s sixth season helped her become well-known in 2009.

In 2010, she triumphed in the “I’m a Celebrity” season ten finale. Take Me Away From Here! With the release of her first single, Driving Home for Christmas, in 2011 and her debut studio album, Shy, in 2015, Solomon established herself as a vocalist in the UK.

She has hosted I’m a Celebrity: Extra Camp as a television personality, and she frequently takes part in panels on the ITV debating program Loose Women.

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To learn about her Husband, Married Life, And Children’s Details, continue reading the article.

Is Stacey Solomon Pregnant Again?

It looks like Stacey Solomon is expecting her fifth child, despite the fact that she hasn’t made a formal announcement. In the photos she shares for her Instagram followers, Solomon appears to be expecting.

According to Heatworld, she reportedly said that she felt “meaningful” and “peaceful” when she considered having a fifth child.

But she regrets having additional children because of the varied perspectives of her followers. She does this since she is aware that not everyone is fortunate enough to have a large family, given the high expense of living in today’s society.

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She and her husband, Joe, are comfortable financially, but she is haunted by the disparaging things her fans have made about her family. Joe exhorts her to ignore criticism and focus on the things that bring her joy.

The couple “would never say no,” according to the publication, to have more children because they are anxious to grow their family and consider having kids to be “addictive.”

Rose, her fourth child, was supposed to be her last child, according to Solomon; nevertheless, Mirror asserts that she has expressed interest in having a girl.

She wants to get pregnant, so she can bond with her baby as the singer does with her own sister. When she was just 18 years old, she and her ex-boyfriend Dean Cox welcomed their first kid in 2008.

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Meet Stacey Solomon Husband: Details On Her Married Life

Stacey Solomon is married to British actor and television personality Joe Swash. The couple, who had been dating for more than seven years, was hitched on July 24, 2022.

In season ten of “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!” they first connected, and they started dating in 2015.

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She is married to Joe, who is well-known for portraying Mickey Miller in the BBC One drama series EastEnders.

He has also presented and hosted a number of ITV programs during the course of his career. He also took part in I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here, where he won the 2008 competition and came in first overall.

He triumphed in the 12th season of Dancing on Ice in 2020. Joe and Emma Sophocleous dissolved their relationship in 2008 despite being engaged. Together, they had a son as well.

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Who Are Stacey Solomon Children?

Stacey Solomon has four children of her own and four stepchildren from a prior relationship with her husband. Zach was born in 2008, only a few months after Solomon turned 18.

Dean Cox, her ex-boyfriend, and she had a son. About her brief relationship with Cox, before it ended, little is known. She gave birth to Leighton with her ex-fiance Aaron Barnham in 2012, four years later.

She and Aaron argued, and their relationship quickly ended. Rex, their son, was born in May 2019. She and her spouse Joe have two kids together.

On October 4, 2021, the day before she turned 32, her daughter Rose was born, making her a mother of four. A father of four whose wife had a son from a previous relationship.

Harry is the son of Joe and his ex-fiancée Emma Sophocleous. The Pickle Cottage section of Essex is home to the family’s seven members.

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