South AfricQueenan Slay Viral Video: Snake In Her Mouth Scene And Twerking

Queenan Slay of South Africa became well-known for putting a live snake in her mouth while donning a bikini.

A young woman from Johannesburg, South Africa, may be seen on camera putting a live snake in her mouth in a disturbing video that has appeared online.

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South AfricQueenan Slay Twerking

South AfricQueenan Slay begins twerking while clutching the snake, acting as if what she had done was nothing unusual.

On social media, people have discussed the video in several ways and questioned how well-known blogger Musa Khawula could pull it off with an allegedly real dangerous snake.

Tweeps were shocked by the lengths she went to put a snake head in her mouth. Some Twitter users were horrified and appalled by the things she did.

South AfricQueenan Slay Viral Video: Snake In Her Mouth Scene

South AfricQueenan Slay, the young woman from a pub in Johannesburg, is shown in the now-famous film putting the live snake’s head into her mouth and pretending as though she wants to eat it while the hit song Snake Park by Mellow, Sleazy, and Mr. Jazziq plays in the background. Witnesses briefly believed she was going to bite the snake’s head violently!

She then takes the snake out of her mouth and laughs at the masses assembled to see her pull off such a daring act.

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