Sophie Edwards Cancer Health Update And Adopting Her Nephew In 2022

Sophie Edwards has stage two bowel cancer, it was found. Learn about her cancer and health update.

Sophie Edwards is a lovely 29-year-old Adelaide resident. She exudes a wonderfully friendly and caring personality. She rose to fame after participating in the renowned reality TV series Bachelor.

According to Edward, she adopted her nephew Jaxon just one and a half years before The Bachelor. She didn’t want to mention her son on the reality television program since she felt he had nothing to do with the story of finding true love.

The reality TV star claimed that everyone on the set was incredibly understanding, helpful, and friendly. She stated, “Richie and I had numerous conversations about Jaxon and Family, which also led to discussions about our morals and values.

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Sophie Edwards Bowel Cancer And Health Update In 2022

Last month, the former South African Bachelor Sophie Edwards was diagnosed with rectal adenocarcinoma, a stage 2 bowel cancer. This cancer is more common in adults over 50 than in younger people.

But sadly, Sophie has been found to have this health condition. She is a dedicated worker with a good heart who enjoys her nephew. However, she claims that her adoptive child has impacted her most.


In an Instagram post, she wrote, “I noticed that I needed to empty my bowels more regularly.” Sophie is a strong woman responsible for raising her adopted child alone. She rose to fame after appearing on The Bachelor series.

Where is Sophie Edwards Now?

Life is good for Sophie Edwards and her son. She asserts that her son serves as her primary source of inspiration.

Recently, images of Edwards and her child were discovered on social media. She wrote that he had “unending energy, zest for life, optimistic attitude, sense of humor, Mr. Bean mimicry, excellent dance skills, shower singing, guitar serenading, kind heart, and toughest of days,” in an Instagram post.

Continues the reality-TV personality, “I will always be in awe of you and incredibly happy to be your mother. I can’t wait to take you on a fun-filled trip when Remus has disappeared.” “I’m glad you’re you and that you’re my son,” she said.

Sophie Edwards Adopting Her Nephew

Before participating in The Bachelor’s dating competition, Sophie Edwards became the mother of her adopted nephew. However, she kept it hidden from the front for a long time.

Jaxon was Sophie’s nephew before she adopted him. She was only 21 when her sister became pregnant with him. Her sibling was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism.

Her sister began using drugs at a very young age and eventually became severely addicted. On November 17, 2014, she gave birth to Jaxon.

They were all present when Sophie gave birth to Jaxon, along with her mother and Danielle, her other sibling. When Jaxon was a baby, she recalled holding him and telling him that she would do anything for him.

However, her sister was unable to forge a connection with her child. She decided to adopt him because Jaxon’s biological mother could not fulfill all of his wishes.

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