Sophia Tuxford’s boyfriend is Max Dobson, a commercial director at MillTechFX. Sophia is a co-host of The Girl’s Bathroom.

Sophia, a content producer and YouTube sensation collaborates with Cinzia Baylis-Zullo. Their two closest pals provide in-depth vlogs of their travels and videos of their normal activities and events.

At present, their joint YouTube channel has 404k subscribers. Sophia’s personal Instagram account has 455,000 fans, while Cinzia’s has close to 500,000.

Sophia Tuxford
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Who Is Sophia Tuxford’s Boyfriend?

Since 2018, Max Dobson and Sophia Tuxford have been dating.

Max began working for the company in February 2020 as a director before being promoted to commercial director in March 2021.

Since 2018, he has served as the director of Fund Solutions for Millennium Global Investments. He oversees the FX hedging and execution requirements for the asset managers there.

He has more than seven years of expertise in FX execution and risk management, focusing on fund-level solutions. He earned his bachelor’s in politics and international relations from Royal Holloway, University of London.

He also received an Investment Management Certificate from the CFA Institute (IMC).Since neither of them has disclosed their relationship to the media, we will have to wait for their announcement.

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Relationship of Sophia Tuxford

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Image Source: instagram

The connection of Sophia Tuxfors has long piqued the interest of her followers. Particularly because she never uploads a photo of her boyfriend and only posts about her time with him.

She had a great Valentine’s Day this year, and the picture she shared created the idea that she was getting engaged to her admirers. She shared a photo of her perfectly manicured hand with rose petals as the background and a stunning gold ring on her finger.

In the following posts, she talked about creating lychee martinis for two, going on dates, and other things.

Contrarily, Cinzia, her best friend and business partner with whom she runs a YouTube channel has made their relationship public. In January of this year, she released a photo of herself with her boyfriend

They are becoming more well-known thanks to the Girls Bathroom podcast and YouTube content. There are 11.5 million listeners to the show, it frequently ranks in the top 10 charts, and it even has tour dates soon.

The co-hosts and best friends, Sophia Tuxford and Cinzia Baylis-Zullo can listen to young girls’ problems and provide them with advice and knowledge, creating a lovely community.

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