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People are wondering if Sofia Loft has found a partner on a reality program on which she appears. Magnus, a retired tennis player who was already engaged, surprised her by saying, “I Love You.”

Sofia Loft was a fan favorite among the inhabitants of Mästarnas mästare. People were taken aback to watch a 157 cm former athlete competing against other masters in their field.

Nonetheless, she earned additional recognition after appearing on the show and demonstrating her sportsmanship.

Age32 years old
BirthdateFebruary 13, 1990
Net Wortharound $1 million

Who Is Sofia Loft’s Partner?

Sofia Loft has not officially introduced anyone as her partner. Former tennis star Magnus Norman, as per Hant, declared ‘I Love You’ to the ex-powerlifter on a Swedish reality program.

Some people mistook it for a proposal to the Loft. But the way they started it was genuine and nothing else. Norman is already committed to Jessica Wahlgren, and the couple will tie the knot on June 18 of this year.

As a result, Sofia and Magnus are nothing more than excellent friends in their present reality TV endeavor. Unfortunately, we still don’t know who her boyfriend is because she hasn’t been spotted with anybody else.

Sofia Loft Wikipedia And Age

Sofia Loft, 32, was born on February 13, 1990, in Skovde, Sweden, and her biography may be found on Wikipedia. She used to be a weightlifter and now works as a physiotherapist.

Aside from that, she is now a cast member in the Swedish reality program Mastarnas mastare, which has been on the air since 2009.

It is a Swedish reality competition program starring professional athletes who have won at least one gold medal in their different sports careers. They battle against each other in numerous athletic tasks in the series, and the last guy standing is the champion.

Sofia Loft Earnings

Sofia Loft has not disclosed her net worth to the press. The ex-powerlifter, on the other hand, is a therapist.

As per Pay Explorer, the regular therapist’s salary is 79,100 SEK. However, it differs depending on the professional’s expertise and experiences.

Loft, a former powerlifter, has a fantastic body. She has gained a thorough understanding of the human body and how we may physically train each body component over time.

Despite this, the former athlete has appeared in a Swedish reality program. As a result, she may be able to increase her net worth as a result of this.

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