After a break of 11 years, the band N-Dubz, famed for their songs and albums, is reuniting and planning a comeback, as well as tours.

The band made the announcement that they would reconnect with their new song and would shortly make a stage comeback. The band’s tour dates will soon be released.

Why N-Dubz Took A Gap Of 11 Years?

The band who has Tulisa, Fazer, and Dappy were rocking their ways in their songs, but they were at a pause as the pandemic also passed like many other artists. The band is back with the album called Charmer and they looked energetic yet performed well in the music video.


The audience as well were amazed to see their massive comeback after years. Tulisa shared the look on her social media and she looked like a goddess in the video.

The video showcased the members in their new and classy looks. While on the other hand, Tulisa looked aesthetic with her looks. Her sheer shirt, the gold jewelry, and her gorgeous makeup were all rocky and she shined through it.

Tulisa Age

At 33 years old, Tulisa is recognized for her contributions to the band. While Fazer and Dappy are also advancing and putting up significant effort for their music videos.

N-Dubz Plans For November

The group has been preparing for a tour that will take place in the UK in November of 2022. She bowed down and looked solemnly into the camera for the image that Tulisa had published.


The recent news music video, whose release had been anticipated for months, showed the trio collaborating and performing together.

The three appeared in the video exiting the chopper and starting to sing the song. Tulisa was seen reclining on a couch and began singing her solo portion while surrounded by dancers while performing the solo part.

N-Dubz Reuniting After 11 Years

After eleven years, the band reformed, and they also revealed their tour dates, which was exciting for many fans but also unexpected because it happened so quickly.

The group went on a rage and is now returning after putting out a total of two albums and eight songs. The band will reportedly embark on a tour in November, so fans won’t have to wait too long, according to sources.

Numerous websites state that the band will embark on a UK tour that will begin on November 7 and run through November 18.The band had been around for six years and was well-known in the early 2000s.

The band had its current lineup for six years, from 2006 to 2012, and after eleven years, they are resuming their current lineup.

N-Dubz At The Top Of The UK Charts

They used to be at the top of the UK charts and in the media at the time of their releases. Uncle B and against all odds were two of their platinum singles that topped the charts.

After eleven years, a new album called charmer was released, and their reintroduction was a shock and a rock for many people.

The song was reportedly composed by the bandmates of N-Dubz and produced by Rymez. The trip will last ten days and take place in the largest cities in the United Kingdom.

The band’s fans will get the chance to rock and listen to their beloved band for the first time in 11 years, complete with performances in various settings and songs.

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