Hoyt Yeatman, the lead vocalist for Sitting On Stacy, will be 24 years old in 2022. He will perform with bassist Kyle Hart and drummer Trevor Smith.

When they were just 10 or 11, the trio started the band Paper, now known as Sitting On Stacy, while attending Rock Nation, a performance-based music school. After hiring Kyle as their third and final bassist, the band’s current lineup has been in place.

To acquire direct hits on search engine reports, VC Reporter Hoyt claims that their band’s name was changed from Paper to Sitting On Stacy. They believed the name Paper would not appear in internet searches since it was too generic.

Sitting On Stacy, led by Yeatman, is now on tour and taking the United States of America by storm. This September, they have gigs planned at various locations and venues.

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Lets explore some details about Hoyt Yeatman.

Sitting On Stacy Lead Singer Hoyt Yeatman Age

Hoyt Yeatman, the lead singer of Sitting On Stacy, will be 24 years old in 2022. The singer was raised in Ventura, California, where she was born. Bankroll Hayden, Lil Kayla, and more well-known singers from California include.

The young artist already has a well-known band, fan fame, and most importantly, self-satisfaction—everything else people dream of accomplishing in their lives. Hoyt, in his mid-20s, has established a name for himself.

On January 31, Hoyt celebrates his birthday and receives greetings from family and friends every year. Giselle Garavini, his mother, uploaded several pictures from his early years to more current ones to wish him a happy birthday this year.

Hoyt Yeatman with his mother, Giselle Garavini: Instagram

He has moved to San Diego, along with his bandmates, in search of better and more prospects to advance their musical career. The US music business has benefited from San Diego’s contributions of artists like Lil Weirdo and Arianna Afsar, among others.

Hoyt has Aquarius as his zodiac sign due to his actual birthdate. Therefore, using Yeatman’s zodiac sign as a guide, we can infer that those born under Aquarius are likely to be extraordinary, forward-thinking, independent, and self-reliant.

Kyle Hart and Jeff Demorest are in the same band and are both under 24. However, they all began playing music and instruments at a young age, and as they became older, they kept getting better at it while strengthening their relationships.

Is Singer Hoyt Yeatman Married?

Lead singer of Sitting On Stacy Hoyt Yeatman hasn’t wed anyone yet; thus, he doesn’t have a wife. Hoyt never misses an opportunity to express his love to his listeners and those around him, even though his romance and love life are secret. His music has an air of romance and affection about it.

The singer may not have had time to start a romance and get married because he is so intent on growing his career as a musician with his band. Yeatman has plenty of time to meet his true love, build a home, and raise a family, but now he is more concerned with his band.

The single women out there have some good news Hoyt is currently single. He has never made any online mention of his relationships or girlfriend. In addition, the 24-year-old has never shared a photo of himself with his lover on Instagram.

Hyot Yeatman’s Tour Dates

Sitting On Stacy, a band fronted by Hoyt Yeatman will go on a US tour in September. They will begin their travels on September 8, 2022, in Reno, Nevada, and continue to other cities for the remainder of the month.

The band has toured the US; in April this year, they played a month-long tour that included stops in Chicago and San Diego, among other cities. With their great performance, they garnered numerous headlines on the neighbourhood news.

Alumni band Sitting on Stacy co-headlines nationwide tour: carteblanchemusic

On October 2, 2022, the band’s forthcoming Stacy’s Secret Sauce Tour will end in Tucson, Arizona, after playing nearly every day for a month in various cities. The full schedule of their tour dates and venues is provided below and was taken from their official website.

September 8, 2022Reno Nevada
September 9, 2022Salt Lake City, Utah
September 10, 2022Colorado Springs, Colorado
September 11, 2022Fort Collins, Colorado
September 13, 2022Lawrence, Kansas
September 14, 2022Des Moines, Iowa
September 16, 2022Chicago, Illinois
September 20, 2022Nashville Tennessee
September 22, 2022West Palm Beach, Florida
September 23, 2022Tampa, Florida
September 24, 2022Orlando, Florida
September 25, 2022Jacksonville, Florida
September 27, 2022Pasadena, Texas
September 28, 2022Austin, Texas
September 29, 2022Dallas, Texas
October 1, 2022Paso El Rey Number 3 Colonia, Texas
October 2, 2022Tucson, Texas

More About Sitting On Stacy Merch

On their website, Sitting On Stacy does offer merchandise for their fans. On its website, the band provides fans with t-shirts in a variety of hues and patterns. Each of their t-shirts costs $10.

Similarly, they also have a tour goat plush animal available in their merchandise section. Again, you can utilize the goat to serve as a reminder of the band. The band’s website also sells stickers, which can be stuck to fridges or staff members’ laptops.

Hoyt Yeatman Net Worth

In his career, Hoyt Yeatman may have accumulated a fortune of more than $500,000. The professional vocalist has performed in front of live audiences for almost ten years and participated in numerous concerts.

Yeatman, who initially started singing in local bars and restaurants alongside his friends, has gained notoriety for his significant tours and performances. Similarly, his studio albums are accessible on various streaming services like iTunes and Spotify.

Sitting On Stacy’s Lead Singer, Hoyt Yeatman: thedailyaztec

Sitting On Stacy’s tour will begin on September 8, 2022, in Reno, Nevada. Before this, they performed in Chicago, Illinois, garnering media attention. Then, in April of this year, they travelled the country for a month. While you read this post, he might be earning royalties from his songs for his band.

Yeatman has had a successful career as a singer and guitarist, but he has never disclosed his exact net worth online. He also doesn’t reveal his money to online users, although the artist seems to lead a rather comfortable life.

Quick Facts

NameHoyt Yeatman
Age24 Years Old
Date Of BirthJanuary 31, 1998
Zodiac SignAquarius
OccupationGuitarist/ Vocalist
Current BandSitting On Stacy
Net Worth$500,000
MotherGiselle Garavini

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