Sister Monica Joan Leaving Call The Midwife Rumours: Why Was The Last Episode Of The Series Was Full Of Suspense?

To be clear, Sister Monica Joan won’t be quitting Call the Midwife. Fans were alarmed when Monica was found to have a serious case of hepatitis.

Judy Parfit plays a wise old nun with a good education and a deep knowledge of literature.

Although she comes from a respectable household, her character struggles greatly to maintain her sense of reality due to dementia.

In the 1950s, the English actress made her début in the motion picture industry. Judy first got into acting, performing in the play Fools Rush In.

As a result of her performance in “The Jewel in the Crown,” for which she was also nominated for a BAFTA, Parfitt’s career began to soar.

One of the most popular drama shows on BBC One is Call the Midwife. The show is currently in its twelfth season, and fans adore every one of its episodes.

Sister Monica Joan Leaving Call The Midwife Rumours: Why Was The Last Episode Of The Series Was Full Of Suspense?

Leaving Call The Midwife, Sister Monica Joan?

To be clear, Sister Monica Joan won’t be quitting Call the Midwife. As she received a life-threatening illness diagnosis, worries about her leaving began.

She acquired hepatitis, which resulted in liver enlargement and is quickly spreading throughout her body.

Most of the episode was spent with Joan at Nonnatus House in bed while her loved ones worked to get her well.

Her followers did not enjoy her condition on the show because it jeopardized their favourite star part.

Before the episode aired, a photo of her was posted on the show’s official Instagram page, and fans of the character of Monica who commented on the photo said they were “obsessed” with the show.

While other TV fans quickly voiced their opinions on Twitter after seeing the broadcast. One of the audience members commented that they did not want to see her leave the show.

Some, though, adore the concept of her narrating the entire program and would love to see that come to pass in the upcoming season.

There are only a few episodes left before the season finale, and this season of the show has been a rollercoaster for its followers.

The Series’ Final Episode Had Plenty Of Suspense

The most recent episode of the sitcom begins with the anticipation of Trixie and Matthew’s nuptials. Sister Monica is also shown to have been ill at the time.

Trixie’s brother, Geoffrey Franklin, arrives from Malta and immediately gets to work organizing the perfect hen do. Sister Veronica has assigned herself as the person in charge of organizing the wedding gifts.


Yet as the wedding approaches, tensions grow as some tiny and significant mishaps threaten to derail the special day.

Before contracting the disease, Monica Joan welcomed a curious visitor to Nonnatus House: a cute little puppy. But Sister Monica Joan was taken aback when a raven landed within Nonnatus House.

This was awful in the superstitious nun’s eyes. sign as the other midwives tried to remove the bird from the structure.

The Sister spent most of the episode trying to convince Dulcie to get the cancer treatment she needs, but she wouldn’t because she doesn’t think her life has any point.

Before being reunited with Arnold, Dulcie’s long-lost son, by Sister Monica Joan, she had this attitude. After this, she chose to go through with the treatment.

Dr Turner also notices a worrying rise in hepatitis cases in the district. As the outbreak affects the people who live in Nonnatus House directly, the team works together to take care of a loved one.

Cyril, who recently visited Jamaica, is anxious to start working as soon as he gets home. While volunteering at a shelter for homeless men, he encounters Leon, a young guy battling addiction.

Who Are The Call Of The Midwife’s Exiting Stars?

One of the most watched programs ever has been the program. Together with other well-known stars, it features Vanessa Redgrave, Laura Main, and Jenny Agutter.

Many of the stars have been replaced since the show’s inception in 2012, including some of the following:

Miranda Hart

Miranda Hart portrayed matron Camilla in the show’s early seasons. To concentrate more on the film industry, she left the show.

Later, she had appearances in popular films, including Spy and the adaptation of Jane Austen. Many believe her decision to leave the show and concentrate on movies was right.

Jessica Raine

She quit the program in 2014 after portraying Nurse Jenny. Raine has an impressive resume because of her roles in Robin Hood and Garrow’s Law.

In the BBC One drama series Baptiste, she recently played Genevieve Taylor.

Bryony Hannah

Bryony Hannah departed the show to concentrate on her other activities and theater career. She played the part of Cynthia Miller in the drama series from 2012 until 2017.

Hannah abandoned the program and three other performers to avoid filming for the upcoming season.Also, she received an Olivier Award nomination for her performance in The Children’s Hour.

Ben Caplan

From 2012 through 2017, Ben Caplan played the role of the policeman in the BBC series Call the Midwife.

He walked away from the show to broaden his career and take a vacation from the entertainment business.

He stated in an interview that he feels honored and happy to have been a part of the entire adventure and will always cherish his time spent there.

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