American singer Orlando Mendez, 26, competes on NBC’s The Voice as a competitor.

On Tuesday, September 19, 2022, during the Blind Auditions of The Voice, he performed “Beer Never Broke My Heart” and opted for Team Camila.

At his performance, all four seats turned around. He did, however, choose to support Camila.

Orlando Mendez, sometimes known as “The Cuban Cowboy,” is a Cuban-American who enjoys storytelling in country music.

We watch a clip of his family during the pre-audition video, which portrays him as an optimistic person. Orlando claimed that they spend a lot of time together, eat a lot of food, and live intensively.

The singer’s mother was also at the audition and was proud to see her son perform on such a prestigious stage. He struggled to decide which team to join.

He had to choose between Coach Camilla Cabello and Blake Shelton, who both turned their seats. One of the performers refers to his Cuban heritage, while the other sings about his nation.

Due to his outstanding performance in the audition, Orlando Mendez is receiving media attention. He has already attracted a lot of admirers and received many compliments.

Singer: Orlando Mendez Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Band, And Family Details Of The Voice Contestant
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Additionally, he has been performing as a member of the Orlando Mendez Band, playing country and southern rock music. Learn more about Orlando Mendez’s biography in detail.

Singer: Orlando Mendez Bio, Wikipedia

Florida native Orlando Mendez, who refers to himself as “The Cuban Cowboy,” is from Miami.

The country singer and songwriter was raised on reggaeton and salsa. He started to enjoy country music more in middle school, though. He thinks the country music genre is fantastic. In addition, he claims that country music has a narrative quality.

He created a band and began playing country music as his enthusiasm for the genre increased. The origin of his moniker, “The Cuban Cowboy,” is fascinating.

His audience gave him a terrific, memorable, and adorable nickname. So he found it incredibly attractive when an audience member shouted Cuban Cowboy at him during one of his performances. The name appealed to the singer, who took it right away.

Real nameOrlando Mendez
ProfessionSinger and songwriter

Orlando Mendez Age: How Old Is He?

Orlando Mendez is 26 years of age. He is one of the singers competing in Season 22 of The Voice, and since his audition performance, he has been the talk of the show.

Orlando performed an excellent rendition of Luke Comb’s “Beer Never Broke my Heart” at the blind audition. Camila Cabello, Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton, and John Legend, the program’s four coaches, all rotated their chairs during the performance.

Orlando had to make a difficult choice while deciding on his coach. Finally, he selected Camila Cabello as his coach after a protracted hesitation.

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Camila claimed she turned around for the performer because of his distinctive tone and voice, which she attributed to Orlando. She added that she had participated in a singing competition and understood how it felt.

Orlando Mendez went to the same high school as Camila Cabello, and Camila appeared ecstatic to have a country music fan on her squad. Camila has stated that she will assist Orlando in making a technical connection with the camera and his nervousness while performing.

The 26-year-old singer promised on-air that he would demonstrate what a Miami-based Cuban cowboy can do by competing in The Voice. Additionally, he thinks The Voice will give him a digital stage to advance his country singing.

HometownMiami, Florida
Age26 years

Orlando Mendez Brand Details

Orlando Mendez has played country and southern rock music through his band, the Orlando Mendez Band.

In the spring of 2021, Orlando released his debut country tune. “3 Beers Ago” was the name of the song.

Orlando said on Instagram that he had crossed a significant item off his bucket list when he released his country tune. He also expressed gratitude to his colleagues and brothers for their musical contributions.

His parents gave him a lot of encouragement. Finally, when the song was merely a rudimentary notion on the guitar, he sang it aloud. Orlando has a deep passion for music and is incredibly determined to succeed.

His love of music began at a very young age. When he was younger, he would create jingles for arbitrary businesses and perform them for the family.

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Tecate Beer was the subject of one of Orlando’s initial jingles. One day, he observed his parents drinking and decided to compose a song about it. Many family members and friends found it to be incredibly catchy and distinctive.

He was always quite interested in the idea of writing lyrics. He, therefore, began writing complete songs without any backing music. It appeared to be poetry. Orlando, though, had a beat constantly playing in his head.

When the singer’s cousin Trism started making his rhythms and music, they both started fusing their respective talents.

He claims they have collaborated for hundreds of hours and that their thoughts mesh flawlessly. The more than 20 tracks the duo has recorded together will all be released to the public one at a time.

Orlando Mendez’s Family Details Of The Voice Contestant

Orlando, passionate about entertainment from an early age, enrolled in the University of Florida’s Bachelor of Fine Arts program. He has already earned his degree after spending four years at the university.

Orlando recalled having a strong passion for culture and entertainment. At the young age of seven, he started acting in plays. He thinks nothing compares to the feeling of being on stage and putting on a fantastic performance for everyone in the audience.

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He has big goals for himself in the musical community. Additionally, he makes the argument that everyone should respect music and art. Artistically, Orlando is quite versatile. He creates both r&b and Latin dance music.

He enjoys inspiring others to think, feel, and dance freely. He also wants listeners to understand through music that artists are not required to adhere to any dimension, sound, or genre.

An artist is never without artistic freedom. He wants to shatter that stereotype and popularize the name, Dito.

Meet Orlando Mendez On Instagram

Instagram users can find Orlando Mendez by searching for @orlandomendezmusic since his involvement with The Voice has increased his social media activity.

Mendez currently has 1902 followers on Instagram. He can be seen reposting every story about his selection for The Voice submitted by his supporters. His musical journey is the subject of the majority of his Instagram posts.

The Voice Orlando Mendez
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The guitarist is a huge fan of his guitar. His guitar-holding photograph also carries the caption “Bae and Me.” He also posted on earning his degree from the University of Florida. He has expressed his deep gratitude for his four years at the university.

Orlando uploaded a video of himself singing “Chicken Fried” on July 17, 2020. On her 20th birthday, he dedicated the song to his late cousin Stephy.

He noted: “There was no greater way for me to pay tribute to her than by singing her favorite song. She adored Zac Brown Band’s “Chicken Fried.”


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