Is Muni Long pregnant? Fans speculate that the singer expects a child after her appearance and performance at the BET Awards.
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Is Muni Long pregnant? Fans speculate that the singer expects a child after her appearance and performance at the BET Awards.

Muni Long is the stage name of Priscilla Renea Hariston, an American singer-songwriter.

Jukebox, her debut solo album, was released on Capitol Records in 2009.

Despite beginning her career as a vocalist, Long spent the next ten years writing songs for other artists such as Rihanna, Fifth Harmony, Kelly Clarkson, and Ariana Grande.

She decided to return to singing after achieving success as a songwriter, and her second album was released in 2018.

Her single ‘Hrs and Hrs’ peaked at number 20 on the Billboard Hot 100, and she has since found success with her voice and writing.

She recently performed at the BET Awards, where her captivating voice and appearance wowed the audience.

Is Muni Long Pregnant?

Muni Long is not pregnant, despite recent public rumors to the contrary. She wore all pink and fluffy during her BET Awards performance, and fans believe she is pregnant.

Some speculate that she is pregnant because she looked radiant during her performance and as a happy soul.

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Image Source: Instagram

However, there are no further claims to back up the validity of these talks. Long did not have a baby bump, and she does not appear to be carrying a baby inside in her recent photos.

Similarly, the musician has not disclosed any pregnancy-related information in public or media interviews.

Muni is not considered pregnant unless the woman confirms it or the information becomes relatively apparent.

Muni Long Husband And Child Details

Although Muni Long and Masimba Chibanda are married, the two are presently childless. The online sources describe them together; she has been married to her lover for a long time.

However, her husband has chosen to lead a covert life away from the spotlight.

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Long frequently publishes pictures of her husband on Instagram and other social media sites, but she hasn’t included him in any of the images.

Therefore, it appears that Masimba is not on social media, and any additional information about his personal life is a mystery.

Muni Long Ethnicity & Family Details

Muni Long, who was born into a family of American Navy personnel, is thought to be of African descent based on her appearance.

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Image Source: Instagram

The singer was born and raised in Vero Beach, Florida, her family’s home in the United States.

Despite having started singing at age two, she was hesitant to perform in front of others until she was older and began uploading videos of herself singing to YouTube.

Muni is well-known, but she has never spoken about her family.

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