Simon Cowell Wrist Brace
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Why Is Simon Cowell’s Wrist In A Brace? He had hand injuries from a bike accident.

The full name of Simon Cowell is Simon Phillip Cowell, an English businessman, record executive, and television producer and personality is well-known for his sharp criticism of contestants on programs like Pop Idol and its American spinoff, American Idol.

They are therefore interested in learning what occurred to him and the most recent information regarding his rehabilitation.

AGT Judge Simon Cowell Wears Wrist Brace

A few weeks before the start of the new season, Simon Cowell broke his arm after falling off his e-bike. He is currently wearing a wrist brace.

At the show’s debut, he was questioned about his hand and explained the situation. Simon claimed in the interview that he broke his arm fairly severely and that it took him around six weeks to switch from the large brace to the present-day little one.

Simon Cowell Wears Wrist Brace
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Although the accident was quite dangerous, the personality also voiced his relief that no surgery was necessary. A worse experience than he was currently having was when he almost shattered his ligaments.

As the healing is almost complete, Simon is currently donning the brace to ensure full recovery and stability.

Details on Simon Cowell’s Recent Accidents.

Simon Cowell previously fractured his back while falling off his bike in 2020, which was worst than his broken hand.

In reality, the hand injury he suffered in 2022 was the second significant damage he faced in the 18 months before.

Simon Cowell recent accidents
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After falling off his bike, Simon suffered a significant back injury in August of 2020.

He suffered a back injury on his home’s patio, according to Cinemablend. He was severely injured, and the lengthy five-hour surgery to repair the wound was necessary. Cowell had to take a few months off work and recuperate in bed.

Simon Cowell Popularity

Recently, Simon Cowell has been spotted with a wrist brace on his left hand for a considerable amount of time, and the fans have finally drawn attention to it.

His TV appearances on numerous programs, including Got Talent and X-Factor, have made him well-known. Since he founded these franchises, Cowell has been well-known in almost every nation where they are present.

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Several people participate in these shows every season, and the viewers are equally delighted to watch how events play out on film. And Simon is a name that consistently makes headlines due to his TV appearances.

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