A musician known only as “Sickick” has yet to reveal his identity publicly. For privacy reasons, Sickick covers his face with a diamond mask. Sickick is a musician and vocalist that has worked with many others in the industry.

His TikTok cover of Bruno Mars’ “Talking to the Moon” brought him to prominence. Several participants in the Face Symmetry competition used his reworked tune.

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Sickick Has Not Revealed His Identity Yet

Sickick has not revealed his identity, but those familiar with culture shock recognize him. Sickick is the stage name of musician Lomus Rai Babber.

It’s been around ten years since he first started making music professionally. Before he set out on his quest, he had been the band’s lead singer for Culture Shock.

While performing with the group, he went by the stage name Lomaticc. He was a member of the band Culture Shock when he went by the name Lomaticc and sometimes appeared in public.

As soon as the band took a hiatus, he began performing under the alias Sickick. He hid behind a mask that sparkled and glistened constantly.

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In 2020, he sparked a stir when he posted a face reveal video on his Twitter account. Many people mistook his actions for a look to tell, although he was not.

In the clip, he could be seen doing a facial reveal to an iconic Friends moment. On the opposite side of the film, in the identical setting of the event, he does remove his mask, but this is all an elaborate deception.

Sickick Is From Canada

Originally from Canada, Sickick entered the world on October 25, 1988. There is no evidence that Sickick is in a relationship, although he does hail from South Asia and is now single.

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are just a few of the many social media sites he frequents. He frequently discusses the songs’ remixes on his various social media channels.

Know More About Sickick

There are 5 million regular listeners to Sickick’s songs on Spotify. The band Culture Shock was Sickick’s entry point into the music business.

DJ Baba Kahn started the group in Canada. The indo-western music genre is often credited to the cultural shock. They redid popular songs by musicians like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and many more.

His career took a new turn when the band broke up in 2014, and its members went their ways. He is more known by his new stage name, SicKick, than his birth name, Babber.

He started making electronic dance music (EDM) versions of well-known songs like “Talking to the Moon,” “Rich Flex,” and many more.

The DJ has released his mixes on streaming services, including Soundcloud and Spotify. He also gives followers a sneak peek at his social platforms.

In the upcoming years, he will embark on a tour. His SickickMusic channel has 3.97 million subscribers and 692,962,591 views on YouTube.

In 2012, he launched his Youtube account. The musician can be found on Instagram at @sickickmusic, and they have amassed 4.7 million followers.

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