Sian Proctor’s fortune is said to be $5 million. Sian Proctor, a SpaceX astronaut, and the skilled pilot, is a company’s pilot team member.

“Black” lady history records Proctor as the first spaceship pilot. Sian is multitalented, with skills as a pilot, geoscientist, and artist all falling under her belt.

On September 15, 2021, she will pilot the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft on the Inspiration4 private orbital mission.

So too, does Sian, who instructs students in geology at Arizona’s South Mountain Community College. She is the Arizona Wing’s aerospace education officer and a major in the Civil Air Patrol.

She was born eight and a half months after the Apollo 11 lunar landing. Edward, her father, worked as a NASA engineer before joining Sperry Univac.

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What Is The Net Worth Of Sian Proctor?

For her work as a pilot for American Airlines, Sian Proctor has amassed a fortune of $5 million. Sian studies the earth and its systems for a living.

She’s doing rather well for herself financially, thanks to her job. Because she was the first woman to do something groundbreaking, Sian inspired many throughout her career. Her professional journey has taught her as much as anybody else.

Since she was a little girl, Proctor has wanted to fly airplanes. She was unwavering in her pursuit of happiness and made no compromises.

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The aviator’s father encouraged his daughter to follow her passion. After helping to supervise the Apollo missions in space from NASA’s tracking station on Guam, Proctor Sr. received a personal thank you by Neil Armstrong as well as a house full of NASA memorabilia.

Sian wanted to go into space just as Armstrong did. To become an astronaut, she needed the usual skills, a Ph.D., a pilot’s license, and SCUBA certification.

Ways How Sian Proctor Earns Money

Sian makes money via several activities. Some of how she amassed her fortune are detailed here.

American Aircraft Pilot

Most of her wealth comes from her job as a pilot for American airplanes. She can significantly contribute to society while also making a living wage.

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In 2009, Proctor advanced to the final stage of NASA’s competitive astronaut selection process. When NASA turned down her application, it appeared her dream of space flight might never come true.

Instead, in 2013, Sian participated in a four-month Mars habitat simulation in Hawaii, acting as a crew member. As if reaching orbit wasn’t enough, Proctor has now made history.

TV Personality

After leaving the aviation profession, she entered show business. Many of her television appearances have focused on her time while working as a pilot for various networks.

Several programs have showcased Sian to teach people about her groundbreaking achievements.


Sian began her professional life in the field of teaching. She enjoys playing the role of “analog astronaut” and spreading knowledge.

Those interested in learning from Proctor will find a wealth of information in the YouTube videos she regularly uploads on the subject. From her business ventures, Sian brings in a respectable income.


In addition to her numerous other occupations, Proctor is a teacher. At South Mountain Community College in Arizona, she teaches classes on geology.

As a teacher, she earns a respectable salary as well.

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