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Money is no object for Shelli Gardner, who is worth $10 million. Shelli is the co-founder and board chair of Stampin’ Up!, the business she helped create.

Gardner is famous for establishing Stampin’ Up!, a business specializing in stamps and papercraft supplies in the United States. She and her sister first ran the business out of their home.

A few decades later, the business achieved international prominence. In 1999, Ernst & Young recognized her efforts in the business world by presenting her with the Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Gardner was born in Southern California, although she and her family ultimately settled in Kanab, Utah. At 18, she wed Sterling Gardner and followed him to Las Vegas, Nevada, where he opened a restaurant.

Gardner and her husband began ministering in the LDS Church when she resigned as Stampin’ UpCEO. !’s

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Find Shelli Gardner’s Net Worth

In 2023, Shelli Gardner will have a net worth of $10 million. By the end of 2015, Shelli decided to leave her company.

Gardner founded Stampin’ Up! because she enjoyed showing off her stamped creations and documenting moments from her life in print.

She and her sister first launched the shop to socialize and make additional money. The company’s primary focus was on using cardmaking as a means of bringing people together.

After more than three decades in business, the company has become an international phenomenon, attracting a worldwide network of more than 50,000 demonstrators. Gardner relies heavily on the profits from his direct sales paper-making business.

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Unique and lovely art crafts, such as greeting cards, rubber stamps, and ornamental and stationery items, are created and sold by the firm.

Stampin’ Up! also sells an exclusive selection of arts and crafts supplies exclusively through its distributors, also known as demonstrators, who can be found both online and in person.

Gardner has stepped down as CEO but remains involved in the company in her capacity as board chair. She updates less frequently than she’d like, but she does her best to publish twice weekly.

As a rule, her communications are brief and straightforward. The Byu Marriott School of Commerce has had her as a faculty member since 2001.

Gardner’s Husband, Sterling

Gardner’s spouse, Sterling, is a multi-millionaire. She was just 18 when she tied the knot with him. They have five daughters, all of whom they adore.

As stated in her profile, Shelli places a high value on her roles as a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, and friend. She works hard to provide for her family while pursuing her career goals.

Gardner relocated to Sin City following his nuptials. Sterling and her sister’s husband managed a construction company specializing in bespoke homes there.

She expanded into additional direct sales firms to supplement her income. Very quickly, she and her sister launched a paper crafts business.

They had worked for the corporation for decades, but now they wanted to devote themselves full-time to a mission for the Latter-day Saint faith.

In 2015, the husband and wife stood in the middle of an Orlando, Florida, stage with 1600 people in the crowd and hundreds more watching online as they announced their news.

The reason they made their statement in a public place is that they wanted others to take part. When asked why they were doing it, Sterling said, “We want them to know why we’re doing it and that we’re happy to serve the Lord.”

When Did Gardner Co-Founded Stampin Up?

Almost $200 million has been generated in revenue because of Shelli’s Stampin’ Up!, which has earned a name for itself worldwide.

Rubber stamps, metal decorations, craft papers, ribbons, and more are all for sale. There are already over 50,000 protestors in ten different countries and over 450 workers in this community.

The company pulls in hundreds of millions of dollars in annual sales. After coming to Las Vegas, Gardner and her sister, LaVonne, tried distributing for Tupperware and other sales businesses but were ultimately unsuccessful.

Then, inspired by the success of companies like Tupperware, Discovery Toys, and Mary Kay, they launched Stampin’ Up! and gave it a unique spin.

The business started selling stamps made by competitors, but as demand increased, it began creating and selling its stamps.

They first moved the business to Boulder City, then again in 1993, back to their birthplace of Kanab. In Salt Lake City, Utah, Gardner and LaVonne established their headquarters three years later, in 1996.

Its Riverton headquarters and distribution hub was built-in 2004. The company’s exhibitors may be found worldwide, including in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The company’s manufacturing facility is in Kanab, while the distribution centre is in Riverton. In 1998, Shelli was promoted to the firm’s chief executive officer.

In 2015, she announced that while she and her husband served an LDS mission, her daughter, Sara Douglas, would run the family business. As of March 2015, the two were assigned to the Hawaii mission in Honolulu.

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