An Instagram user with a female username On the Sofia F Podcast, She A Greek Freak, stated that the rapper asked her to join him and Future in the studio.

It seemed like a new podcast would be released every day, providing more and more people a stage to share their stories.

Sometimes a model may write and publicize a story about a supposed encounter with a rapper. Other divisive blogs about popular culture or relationships have become more well-known.

Due to their alleged links to well-known entertainers, certain women, like Celina Powell, have earned the moniker “social media groupies.” After blogging about her contacts with Kanye West and Future, Aliza Jane gained notoriety on June 15.

After listening to the podcast, online followers are anxious to learn more about the model and her personal life.

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To learn about Sheagreekfreak’s Twerk Video On TikTok For Kanye West and Future, continue reading the article.

Video: Sheagreekfreak On TikTok Twerked For Kanye West and Future

A woman who goes by the Instagram handle @sheagreekfreak claimed on the Sofia F Podcast that Kanye West had invited her to join him and Future in the studio.

She asserts that the rapper persuaded her to join him in the recording studio after moving to Los Angeles after they initially met in Miami.

She agreed in the hopes of hearing some of Kanye West’s music and seeing him at work.

The following time he arrived in Miami, he instructed me to “Come over to Future’s apartment like we’re in the studio,” so that evening, I got his phone number.

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She continued, “I’m going to walk up to them like they’re in the studio and play him my song while I watch them make music.

Kanye West supposedly made an unexpected request as soon as she arrived, to which she immediately responded.

The woman admitted that she was twerking during the session without attempting to irritate the artist when questioned about it.

No proof has been offered by the mannequin, who goes by the name Aliza Jane, and neither Kanye nor Future have responded.

Real Name And Age Of Sheagreekfreak

Sheagreekfreak has not disclosed anything regarding her real name. When it comes to her private life, she is modest.

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The model has also hidden her age on social media. She appears to be in her mid-20s, though, after listening to the audio.

The beautiful figure of the gorgeous woman enhances her appeal. In the next few days, Sheagreekfreak will also share her details.

Sheagreekfreak Instagram Details

Users can locate Sheagreekfreak on Instagram by typing @sheagreekfreak into the search bar.

More than 8000 people follow the stunning model on social media. On her profile, she has 174 followers and has so far written three posts that are comparable to this.

Although she seems to be less active on Instagram, it’s impossible to tell whether the model has recently utilized social media because her account is private.

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