When Shay Johnson was a young child, her parents, Sandra Sims and Joe Johnson Sr. divorced. 

The TV personality Shay gained notoriety for her participation in the reality program, Love & Hip Hop.

She also appeared in the reality series Flavor of Love on VH1. Before appearing in reality shows, she worked as a music video model for artists like Fabolous, TI, and Cee Lo.

Additionally, she has appeared in publications like King and Giant. She participated in Iyanla: Fix My Life with her family in an effort to patch up their fractured ties.

Johnson also runs The Healthy Hands, a business that provides organic products made with medicinal herbs that have a variety of antioxidants that help with the treatment and averting the onset of disease.

With 308.3K followers on Twitter and 1.3M followers on Instagram, she has a substantial online following base.

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To learn about her Mother, And Baby Father Details, continue reading the article.

Meet Shay Johnson Mother

Johnson’s mother, Sandra Sims, and her children did not get along well. The Johnson family’s involvement in the reality TV series Iyanla: Fix My Life made clear the collapse of their relationship.

Shay experienced a challenging upbringing since her mother regularly compared her to her boys. When the show’s host, Iyanla, pressed Sandra on the claim, she didn’t refute it.

When a casting video was shown on the program, Sandra alleged that Shay was nasty and terrible. In an interview with Iyanla, Shay asserted that Sandra, who constantly yelled at her, was the source of her aggression.

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Shay noted that when she was younger, her mother had indicated a desire to have three boys. Johnson’s relationship with her father was different; he cared for her more but left after the divorce.

The Love & Hip Hop actress wanted to have a close relationship with her mother. She added that she would have been destroyed if something had happened to her mother.

Her brothers Emjay and Joe were also featured on the program, and they talked about how their mother didn’t provide them with the care that young children need. They also spoke about how their father loved them more despite his remoteness.

What Is Shay Johnson Baby Father Name?

The Love & Hip Hop star revealed the birth of her daughter Shajiyah on Instagram on May 19, 2022. Since Johnson’s child was born, fans have been curious about the paternity, but Johnson has remained silent.

Like any relationship, co-parenting with her child’s father has its ups and downs, Johnson told BET. She asserted that the father is more effective at parenting children than she is since he is involved in her daughter’s life if a little dominating.

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Johnson has admitted that the father of the child is not just any man she met; instead, he is a person she has known for ten years. They occasionally communicated.

Although Lil Scrappy has been married to his wife for more than four years, many fans have assumed that he is the baby’s father. The baby’s father’s identity is still unknown.

Johnson chronicled her pregnancy difficulties and posted them on Instagram for her followers to see. She had placenta previa, which prevented her from giving birth to her daughter via the usual methods. She’s thinking of having another child after the birth of her daughter.

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