Shark Attack Video Viral- Who Was Elisabeth Sauer?
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Elisabeth Sauer is in the news online due to the popularity of the shark attack video that killed her life. Sauer and her husband were on vacation. Find out more about the incident in this post.

A swimmer fatally attacked by a shark at an Egyptian resort after promising her husband she would simply return to the water “for a moment” has been captured in a photograph.

Elisabeth Sauer, who was a councilor from 1998 to 2004, has been named by the Austrian visitor’s neighborhood Kramsach Green Party.

According to Mail Online, Sauer had been in Egypt with her Egyptian partner for a month and was due to depart for Austria today, per the Austrian embassy in Cairo.

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 Elisabeth Sauer Bio Explored

Elisabeth Sauer had been a devoted Green ever since she arrived in Kramsach. She served as a councilor from 1998 to 2004 and was a dependable substitute for many years.

The retiree was swimming in shallow water with a snorkel and fins at Hurghada on the opposite side of Sharm el Sheikh’s beach.

She struggles to get back to land in a terrifying video that is too violent to be published. Blood is coloring the water red. As the onslaught surprised the horrified and yelling beachgoers, hardly one stepped in to assist.

Elisabeth was 68 years old at the time of the tragic event that took her life. According to reports, the beast severed the 68-year-old woman’s arm and leg and died due to her injuries.

Egyptian authorities have closed a section of the Red Sea due to concerns that the shark may still be in the area following the massacre.

Elisabeth Sauer Shark Attack Viral Video Details

Just after the occurrence, a horrifying and unsettling video showing Elisabeth Sauer being attacked by a shark was released and quickly went viral online.

After being transported to the Nile Hospital for treatment of “painful shock” and a heart attack, she reportedly passed suddenly. However, officials from the Red Sea Governorate are excited about tomorrow’s reopening.

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Image Source: Facebook

In response to her attack, tourists reportedly jumped out of the water. People from the coast and a nearby dock tried to “distract the shark from the victim.”

The woman was still using her hands to fight herself when the shark chewed off her hand and hurled it into the corals after first eating off her leg with a flipper.

According to local accounts, following the event on Friday, swimming, diving, snorkeling, and fishing were prohibited from the Sahl Hasheesh area to Makadi Bay for three days.

The Romanian woman’s lifeless body was later discovered close to the initial incident on the Sunday scene. They died in separate attacks within 600 meters of each other.

Elisabeth Sauer Husband And Children Details

The Mirror claims that Elisabeth was a local councilor from 1998 to 2004 and that she is believed to have only had a daughter.

Witnesses attempted to distract the shark, thought to be either a Mako or an Oceanic whitetip shark, but no one stepped in to save the woman.

According to numerous online tales, Elisabeth said “I’ll go back in for a bit” to her husband immediately before passing away.

First, the Kramsach Green Party released the following statement to remember Elisabeth: “We mourn the loss of dear Elisabeth Sauer, who died in a terrible accident.” However, she had a good, humane disposition that would endure in remembrance.

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