Shannon Bradbury Leaving CTV News Kitchener- Where Is She Going?

Shannon Bradbury, a weather expert, is leaving CTV News Kitchener. She started working with the channel in February 2019, and viewers love how she anchors.

Shannon Bradbury is a vibrant woman committed to her ideals and values. Her early years were spent in the country in Grey County on a tiny horse/hobby farm. She comes from a middle-class household and is a polite young lady with a hint of arrogance.

Is Shannon Bradbury Leaving CTV News Kitchener?

There are numerous theories regarding Shannon Bradbury’s departure from CTV News Kitchener. However, she has formally stated that she is relocating in search of a new opportunity.

Due to her extensive knowledge and commitment, she was later hired as the weekday weather anchor after joining CTV as a multimedia journalist in 2019.

CTV News is one of the most-watched channels on Canada’s CTV Television Network. Under this main channel, several news channels are run.


Some include the 24-hour national business news channel BNN Bloomberg and the 24-hour national news station CTV News Channel. Canada’s Kitchener, Ontario, is the home of CTV News Kitchener.

Where is Shannon Bradbury Going Now? 2022 Update

Internet users have been inundated with news of Shannon Bradbury’s departure from CTV News Kitchener. She admitted that she had decided to move on since she was looking for greater professional prospects. However, she hasn’t revealed her destination or any more details. She is from the Snow Belt of Ontario.

She was a little teary when she announced her leaving and thanked everyone for enriching her life. She continued by saying that her experience traveling with CTV was her finest and that she had a great time with the channel.

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There, she made many friends and will always appreciate her seniors, fellow anchors, fans, and audience. She claims it is difficult to leave a place where she feels at home since she will miss everyone.

What Happened To Shannon Bradbury?

Shannon Bradbury, an aspiring TV personality, is looking for a better opportunity in her career. She is a hard worker who wants to succeed in her career. She had worked as a videographer for CKWS Global Kingston before joining CTV.

The CTV News Anchor has graduated from Fanshawe College’s Broadcast Journalism Program. Her love for animals is extraordinary. In addition, she enjoys visiting various nations and discovering new things.

Shannon has a great knack for drawing people to her in a brief amount of time. In addition to her professional accomplishments, millions of viewers are drawn to her by her endearing nature and sweetness. She is proud of having made a career out of her early interests in agriculture, the environment, and weather.

Shannon Bradbury Husband Haden

Haden Bradbury is the husband of Shannon Bradbury. She resides in the southeast of Ontario, in the little city of Kitchener.

When picking what to study, it was a toss-up between environmental studies and journalism. However, she can combine her enthusiasm for both subjects in her current position.

Shannon claims that her fascination with weather started when she was a small child and used to watch the news with her father, who would explain concepts like cloud formation and lake effect snow to her.

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