Youtuber Shani Grimmond and artis Jacob Tompkins have been dating since,2021.

Because she turned her casual interest in cosmetics into a lucrative online venture, Shani is best recognized as a beauty influencer.

She had a modest beginning on YouTube in 2011, but she developed a thriving career and a sizable international following over time. She writes on various topics, such as product reviews, outfit hauls, and Q&As.

Shani has amassed more than 1.48 million on YouTube, 141.6 thousand on Twitter, more than 1.3 million on Instagram, and more than 461,000 TikTok followers to achieve this.

Shani Grimmond
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Shani Grimmond Boyfriend Jacob Tompkins

Shani Grimmond’s boyfriend is well-known Sunshine Coast DJ Jacob Tompkins.

Tompkins, an Australian born in Queensland, attended The University of Queensland. There, he finished his undergraduate work.

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After graduating in September 2021, Tompkins worked for Arlo & Friends for a brief period as an event planner. But as of October 2020, his life has been completely focused on his aspirations to become a successful DJ and music producer.

Chic Management Brisbane is in charge of him, and he works with Club Cadets as a producer. He has also been trying hard to build his internet brand and has amassed over 32.9K Instagram followers.

Despite Tompkins’ extraordinary talent, he gained more recognition once people knew he was friends with YouTuber Shani Grimmond. Since then, he has garnered more attention from the media, appearing in several forums and gossip publications.

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Shani Grimmond And Jacob Tompkins Relationships

Jacob Tompkins and Shani Grimmond have been a couple since 2021.

Despite her current engagement with Jacob Tompkins, Shani has informed the world about several previous relationships. Due to the difficulties she was currently experiencing, she canceled her Instagram account.

Image Source: instagram

Her first prominent relationship was with fellow social media celebrity Johnathan Sauer. Sauer is one of the most well-known Instagram fitness influencers, with over 107K followers.

He mainly posts pictures of himself working out to show off his physique.

They started dating in 2015, just as Grimmond became well-known. Sadly, after dating from 2015 to 2018, the two broke up.

He co-founded the social media technology startup ZOOZ Group, and he is primarily focused on business these days. The business is well recognized for becoming a multi-million dollar operation in less than a year and as the impetus behind Bugg’s choice to leave the world of professional sports.

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