Shane McAlary Car Carsh: Find his Journey In The Street Outlaws

An automobile collision occurred in June 2016 involving Street Outlaws’ Shane McAlary. The automobile was a total loss, but Shane walked away unscathed.

McAlary is an accomplished racer from a racing family and is most known for his role in the Discovery reality series Street Outlaws. The racer’s first vehicle was a 1977 Chevrolet Vega, which he dubbed “The Blackbird.”

While he may not have been as popular as some of the other actors in the show, those familiar with automobiles and racing hold him in high regard.

He raced his Chevrolet against mountain motor Pro Mods and won almost every time, demonstrating his prodigious racing talents.

The young racer from Elk City, Oklahoma, started early. He was inspired to become a professional racer by his father, Rex McAlary, the first in his family to do so. A used Blazer was Shane’s first experience with public transportation.

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What Happened To Shane McAlary?

In late June of 2016, Street Outlaws’ Shane McAlary was involved in a severe automobile accident on the No Prep Kings strip in Sayre, Oklahoma.

The race car was totaled in the crash, and the cost of an air ambulance flight was almost $40,000. McAlary and his co-driver Bob were lucky to escape with minor injuries.

Some minor injuries included a concussion for McAlary and a broken leg for Bob. They speculated that the Vega’s third member locating the wishbone broke due to a broken rod end.

The automobile yawed abruptly and began a sequence of terrifying flips at speeds of more than 150 miles per hour. McAlary and his father suffered significant financial losses due to the catastrophe.

McAlarys own Mcalary ATV & Cycle in their hometown of El City, which may be familiar to viewers of the show Street Outlaws. Their little ATV and motorbike store was located in an already costly high-plain city of barely 12,000.

No one could blame him if he opted to take some time off from racing after sustaining severe injuries and paying for treatment. However, as Rex pointed out, they just took a month off.

McAlary and his father quickly began looking for a replacement vehicle and eventually settled on a 1974 Vega.

Blackbird Chevrolet Vega 2.0 was an entirely new automobile that was constructed by the group in just a few months, beginning in August 2016.

Still, he could not return to the tracks because of his marriage and new family duties. In 2017, one year later, he made a dramatic comeback. But in August 2017, only a few months after his return, he crashed again.

He was involved in a series of collisions with the wall during a semi-final elimination race at Briston Dragaway when he lost control and crashed many times. McAlary suffered no severe injuries in the collision, and it didn’t cost him as much as his last accident.

McAlary’s Absence In The Street Outlaws

McAlary is presently focused on his business. He also has an Instagram account, which he uses to talk about vehicles and his company.

Many of his devotees have questioned his whereabouts because he hasn’t been performing with the Street Outlaws. They are worried that the racer has left the hit Discovery Channel series.

According to reports, his Blackbird crashed into the curb during a race with Jeff Lutz, rolled numerous times, and ultimately came to a rest on the field. His Vega was destroyed, but he escaped unscathed.

McAlary then declared his retirement from racing, explaining that he was out of money and that his fledgling company could not afford to fund the construction of a new racing vehicle.

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Some others think he stated that because he was angry over the outcome. He was currently ranked 10th and wanted severely to climb back up to his previous position of sixth or better.

According to onlookers, he’d finally come to terms with reality. This event, which took place in 2019, but for which the video clip wasn’t shown until 2021 (because of Covid’s interference), is a good example.

McAlary is a family man who now prioritizes his wife and children and his company. Well, he’s still into auto racing and just put up a little Instagram video of his old race car (the red one).

Many of Shane’s admirers anticipate that he will soon stage a spectacular comeback. They’re willing to wait it out and see what happens.

How Has McAlary’s Journey Been In The Street Outlaws?

McAlary and his co-driver Bob first appeared on Street Outlaws in Season 6 in 2015. Shawn Ellington, his best buddy, had encouraged him to appear on the reality show.

Without wasting any time, he demonstrated his skills by racing the 1977 Chevrolet Vega (The Blackbird) for several years. Later, he switched to a 1974 Chevrolet Vega and stayed at number six on The List for a while.

In June of 2016, he had a terrible accident on the No Prep Kings strip, and from that point on, bad luck followed him everywhere he went.

After nearly a year, he finally returned to racing in 2017 with a brand-new vehicle. After returning home, he was involved in another accident shortly after, resulting in no physical harm and far less financial loss.

His Vega was totaled after suffering a broken front clip and roof damage. He continued to race on the street whenever he could after the accident.

In 2017, he faced Jerry Bird in the final with $15,000 on the line; however, there needed to be a camera team from the channel to record the match.

Since street racing was prohibited by law, neither competitor realized that police cars were waiting close to the end zone.

No matter how discreet the team was about those involved, they would be helpless if someone caught them in the act.

Once again, a truck driver boasted about it on his radio before McAlary’s Blackbird and Jerry’s Probe finished.

Officers pulled over the former because he was heading directly toward them while driving the left lane. McAlary applied the brakes and made a leisurely U-turn off the main route.

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