Secret Restoration Factory Location: Meet The Cast Of Secret Restoration

Secret Restoration Factory is located in Bridgeport, Connecticut. 

New England has produced tools for almost a century. The focus of the show is a group of skilled artisans and restorers who work nonstop inside the factory to repair and restore precious antiques and artifacts.

Later, the owners of the products become aware of them. The initial concept entails the restorers learning unusual facts about artifacts from the 19th century, such as hot rods, pinball machines, guitars, and cannons.

Each episode of Secret Restoration will vividly depict the most prized possessions of individuals while illuminating intriguing background information.

The series debut will air on the History channel on November 9, 2022, at 10:00 PM. A new episode is released each week.

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Secret Restoration Factory Location: Bridgeport Connecticut

Secret Restoration takes place at a deserted factory in Connecticut. The other location includes the cities of Southington and Stamford.

According to Cinemaholic’s source, the reality show’s first season ran from April 2022 until July of the same year.

Large port cities nearby Bridgeport serve as the setting for the majority of the series’ scenes. Large portions of the series’ scenes were shot nearby at an old factory.

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Dave Weinman addressed the location in his Instagram post and stated, “My most recent project, which will be disclosed, has been completed following considerable restoration work. Along with some offensive works by @heintime, who will surely take issue with the lighting I employed in my pictures. Regards, My fave Chris”

Only two of the many Connecticut locations picked for Secret Restoration were Stamford and Southington. In Fairfield Country, Connecticut’s second-largest city, the cast set up camp.

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Meet The Cast Of Secret Restoration

Each of the five episodes of Secret Restoration features actresses such as Leah Bolden, PJ Burchett, Sara Porter, and others.

Leah Bolden

See Jane Drill, a website that provides free video courses for DIY and home repair, was founded with Leah as its primary creator.

She also works with a seasoned contractor who has millions of YouTube views and over 933K subscribers. She is an adept in woodworking and tool restoration.

PJ Burchett

PJ crafts a single one-of-a-kind automobile in his shop in Knoxville, Tennessee. He is a second-generation automobile builder who gives various repair parts his own special touch.

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This spray-gun magician always aims for the “Wow factor” when painting cars. The Charleston-Huntington Area is where he currently resides.

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David Dall

Dall is renowned for expertly repairing antiques of all kind, including vehicles, yachts, coin-operated machines, antiquities, and ancient furniture.

He also successfully manages a home-based contracting business. He was raised by his military father, who taught him that everything is fixable and that nothing is worthless. A carpenter who is 34 years old works in New York.

Alfred Dill

Since he was a teenager, Alfred has been repairing antiques with gears, coin slots, or strings. He is an accomplished mechanic.

He enjoyed mechanical objects like well-known toy trains and old radios. He truly appreciates hearing his restorations come to life after they are finished. He also plays the piano well.

Sara Porter

S. Porter Restoration & Conservation LLC was founded by Porter.

She is a favorite of art and antique dealers, interior designers, private collectors, and museums due to her great sense of employing only traditional materials.

She has experience working on any kind of surface and is known for her ability to match colors on objects exactly. Although she was born in Nova Scotia, she now resides in Toronto.

Latasha “LA” Thym

In Atlanta, Georgia, Thym owns and runs Restoration Hero, a business that repairs antique furniture. He has extensive knowledge in electrical repair as well as vintage and antique furniture.

Her passion is furniture restoration, and she enjoys caning and other challenging activities. Every object, in her opinion, has a unique tale to tell, and it is her responsibility to preserve that narrative.

Dave Weinman

When Dave was repairing a coworker’s old fire helmet, he unwittingly picked up repair skills. Dave is a firefighter and mental restorer. He uses a variety of outdated, old gear and technology.

He founded a company that restores long-forgotten metal items to their former glory because he loves history. He is presently a resident of the USA.

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