Sean McDermott Wife Jamie McDermott, Family And Kids Details

Sean and Jamie McDermott met at their alma mater. The Orchard Park home of Sean and Jamie, parents of one boy and two girls.

The head coach of the Buffalo Bills has a happy family life with his long-time partner. As a result, he was able to lead his squad to victory with such confidence and strength.

This native of Omaha has made New York his home by relentlessly supporting the NFL’s Buffalo Bills. His devoted spouse and children have achieved the same level of success as him.

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Meet Sean McDermott’s Wife Jamie McDermott

Sean and Jamie McDermott met while attending La Salle College High School in Pennsylvania and married. When Sean and Jamie first started dating, they were both teenagers.

Jamie’s birthday is June 25th, 1979, which makes her husband five years older than she is. The future head coach graduated with a degree in finance at William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, although his future wife did not.

Mrs. McDermott had a great corporate insurance job and a happy marriage to a successful head coach despite her many flaws.

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Fans of the Buffalo Bills have often remarked on Jamie’s tolerance and unwavering support of Sean, despite her demanding work and large family.

She always takes advantage of every opportunity to support the NFL coach by cutting a significant function.

In addition, the McDermotts have avoided sharing any details of their personal lives on social media. Both the Bills’ head coach and his missus value family time outside of work, as seen by their decision to seek solace away from the turbulent internet.

Instead of showing their life to a vast audience, the couple wants to spend time with their kids and make beautiful memories.

Family Life Of Sean McDermott

In addition to his large NFL family with the Buffalo Bills, McDermott also owns a little house with five people.

Despite waiting until after Jamie’s birth to create a family, he and Jamie have done a fantastic job raising their children. Time well spent, as evidenced by the McDermotts’ numerous interviews with the press.

Although they generally raise their children in a normal and healthy environment, the couple does their best to shield them from public praise for doing so.

As a result of their union, Sean and Jamie McDermott have brought into the world three children: a boy and two girls.

Madelyn, also known as Maddie, their eldest, will be thirteen in 2023. Gavin, their only son, will be eleven. Kelly McDermott, age 6, is the youngest of the McDermott children.

According to Buffalo News, the three kids listened in as their dad’s virtual session with “Good Morning Football” discussed the impact of the offseason on families and the sport of football.

When Sean and Jamie’s three kids finally made their public debut in 2020, it was one of the first times they had ever done so. And for their whole time, they kept the hosts entertained with their wit and conversation.

Each year that passes with their parents back at work and the NFL season hitting new heights brings the three of them one step closer to their chosen professions.

Meanwhile, supporters are keeping their fingers crossed that they, too, will follow in their father’s footsteps into professional athletics.

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