Savannah James’ mom and dad are JK and Jennifer Brinson. Savannah’s brothers, Eric and Jerrold Brinson were integral to her upbringing.

She’s the youngest of Jennifer and JK’s five kids. Thus, she’s the baby of the family. Savannah’s other sisters are named Shannon and Deidre.

In addition, the 36-year-old businesswoman has excellent connections with all the family members and keeps up tight interactions with them.

After beginning a relationship with NBA superstar LeBron James, Mrs. James quickly rose to prominence. They’d known one other since junior high, and in 2013 they finally tied the knot. Savannah’s popularity increased in direct correlation with Lebron James’ rise in the NBA.

In February 2023, her husband, James, surpassed Wilt Chamberlain to become the NBA’s all-time top scorer. Savannah was ecstatic as she cheered her lover to their most professional victory.

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Savannah James’s Mother, Jennifer Brinson

Mummy James, Savannah An Ohio native, Jennifer Brinson, is a nurse. It was in 1957 when Jennifer Norris Brinson was born.

James’s mother turned 60 on September 13, 2017. Savannah celebrated her birthday by sharing a sweet photo of her daughter Zhuri with her girlfriend Jenn on Instagram.

Savannah used a hashtag and a laughing emoji to write about how she ate cupcakes while thinking about her childhood with her mother.

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Similarly, Savannah arranged a surprise party and treated Jennifer to supper at an exclusive restaurant on her 62nd birthday. While eating and drinking from glasses, they took a photo of themselves.

Mrs. James gave Jennifer a gift to show her appreciation for all she had done to keep the household operating smoothly. Having a good, noble character is what Jenn has helped cultivate in her.

Savannah James’s Father, J.K. Brinson

J.K. Brinson, Savannah James’s father, is a successful entrepreneur. After his time at Akron Paint & Varnish Engineered Coatings, Brinson worked elsewhere.

Additionally, he worked for the Veterans Administration of the United States for a while before returning to his company.

Since her father was a prosperous merchant, it is easy to see where she got her business sense. Savannah learned a lot from him and implemented her first business plan.

She opened a juice bar in Miami in 2013; the shop is called The Juice Shop. After three years of operation, James discontinued the service and moved on to other supply chain options.

Savannah and her husband, 2018, opened a furniture store they named “Home Court” after Savannah’s father.

Siblings Of Savannah James

Savannah James is one of four siblings. Among them are Eric, Jerrold, Shannon, and Deidre. They’re all much older than Savannah, married, and have little children.

You may connect with Deidre Norris on social media via her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

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She has managed to amass 35,500 Instagram followers while keeping her account secret. However, Deidre is also a Twitter user, albeit she hasn’t posted anything new since 2016.

In addition to tagging Savannah, she has also repeatedly tagged Los Angeles Lakers star power forward Lebron.

Savannah James Family Life

After going out with LeBron for ten years, Savannah finally tied the knot on September 14, 2013. A lavish ceremony was performed in San Diego to celebrate the couple’s union.

In 2002, she and the NBA great were both students at the same high school. So began their meager existence.

The present-day finds the two loving souls celebrating their ninth wedding anniversary in September of last year, marking twenty years together.

Several well-known athletes, musicians, and Hollywood actors attended their wedding, which took place at the Grand Del Mar hotel. Bronny, Bryce, and Zhuri James are three lovely kids.

Bronny James was born to Savannah and LeBron on October 6, 2004. Named “LeBron James Jr.” from birth, he will be 18 in 2022.

The tallest child at 6 feet 3 inches, he plays shooting guard for Sierra Canyon School in Los Angeles and is motivated to live up to his father’s reputation. Just like the firstborn, Bryce Maximus was born in June 2007.

Bryce is a 15-year-old “chip off the old block” in the same vein as his older sibling. LeBron is one of the most famous sportsmen on Instagram, making him a role model for his sons.

Seven years later, on October 22, 2014, the couple announced the arrival of their third child, a daughter they called Zhuri Nova. She’s just eight years old at the moment.

Savannah also benefits from having a grandma over a century old. In September 2019, she turned 100 and proudly announced it on social media by changing her profile picture to that of a centenarian.

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