Sarah Kemp’s wife, Lisa Cornwell, caddied for her on the LPGA Tour. In between her shots during the Kroger Queen City championship, Cornwell helped her be calm and at ease.

She earned a spot in the tournament’s top eight with Hannah Green. Professional golfer Sarah Kemp has competed on numerous tours and collected 12 victories. Her professional career started in 2005.

The 36-year-old golfer began playing when he was just 12 years old. And she attributes her parents, Peter Knight and Bill McWilliam, with that. On her very first try, she even met the requirements for a tour.

She competed for Australia at the 2004 Espirito Santo Trophy World Cup. Additionally, she won two amateur championships in 2003 and 2005 before playing professionally.

Sarah Kemp Early Life, Bio, Wikipedia, Origin, Wife Lisa Cornwell, Parents, Net Worth, And Career Earnings
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Who Is Sarah Kemp? Explore her Early Life, Bio, Wikipedia, Origin, Wife Lisa Cornwell, Parents, Net Worth, And Career Earnings In This Post.

Sarah Kemp Early Life Details

Sarah has competed in this sport for a long time and has amassed roughly 12 professional victories. Kemp began it when he was just 12 years old. And in the 2005 ALPG tour, she earned her first-ever professional victory. In her first season, the 36-year-old picked up three wins.

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Sarah attributes her achievement to her parents, Peter Knight and Bill McWilliam. Kemp had the top junior ranking in New South Wales, Australia, from 2001 to 2003. Bill McWilliam significantly influenced the Australian athlete Sarah Kemp’s performance on the LPGA.

She won the Australian Amateur Stroke Play Championship in 2003 and 2005 while still an amateur. She then began playing professional golf, which marked the beginning of her 16-year running career.

NameSarah Kemp
Date Of Birth7 December 1985
Place Of BirthSydney, Australia

Who Is Sarah Kemp Wife?

Sarah Kemp’s wife, Lisa Cornwell, served as Sarah’s caddie at the Kroger Queen City Championship. While Lisa was taking her shots, Sarah remained composed and enjoyed her humor. The former American anchor of Golf Central is Kemp’s wife. She covered competitions and golf tours and performed live shows.

Additionally, they appear to be having a good time together at events, games, and on social media. The couple hasn’t yet made their wedding footage or images public. However, they do post photos of themselves together on social media.

In 2021, Cornwell spoke out against the Golf Channel, claiming that there were demeaning and criticizing comments directed at women there. She was enraged at being ignored and treated like a lower social class. After she tweeted about her experience working at the Golf Channel, it was retweeted 177 times.

She was backed by many of her admirers and other athletes. Lisa will turn 47 on September 21. She is currently 46 years old. In the most recent Kroger Queen City final, Lisa’s quips between her shots helped Kemp stay relatively calm. They seem to get along well and enjoy each other’s company.

Wife’s NameLisa Cornwell

Sarah Kemp Origin Details

The golfer, 36, was born in Sydney, Australia, on December 7, 1985. The Australian native now competes on the ALPG, Ladies European, and LPGA tours. She has competed in numerous tournaments.

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She competed in the 2004 World Cup as an Australian Espirito Santo Trophy squad member. According to the professional golfer, her parents play a big part in her enjoyment of the sport.

ProfessionGolf player
Current ResidenceTuncurry, New South Wales, Australia
ParentsBill McWilliam And Peter Knight

Sarah Kemp Parents Explored

At age 12, Sarah took to golf at her parents’ urging (Bill McWilliam and Peter Knight). One of the well-known instructors in the Australian golf scene was Bill McWilliam. Sarah gave him credit for her accomplishments in the LGPA. But unfortunately, when Bill was 87 years old, cancer claimed his life.

Sarah also attributes her success to Peter Knight. He has almost 40 years of coaching expertise as a professional golf instructor. He is currently a golf coach at Melbourne’s Yarra Bend course. One of the four Master Professionals of the PGA of Australia is the former National Coach for Golf Australia and Taiwan.

They contributed to the 36-year-old golf prodigy’s current level of success. Sarah was first introduced to golf by Peter and Bill when she was a little girl.

What Is Sarah Kemp Net Worth?

Since Sarah Kemp has nine career top 10 finishes and total golf earnings of $1,274,561 in cash prizes, the LPGA estimates her net worth to be above $1 million. She is presently a resident of New South Wales’ Tuncurry.

Several prestigious corporations, including Perform, Forster Tuncurry Golf Club, CME Global, and Crestlink, have sponsored her. She has also participated in events, won numerous tours, and increased her net worth.

Sarah Kemp Social Media Details

The Australian golfer may be found on a variety of social media sites. The list below includes her social media handles.

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She is active on Instagram under the username @sarah_kempy and active on twitter under the handle @kempgolf.

Who Is the Current Caddie for Sarah Kemp?

Lisa Cornwell, Sarah Kemps’ wife, served as Sarah Kemps’ caddie at the Kroger Queen City Championship on the LPGA Tour in Cincinnati in 2022. In 2016, Sarah Kemp’s caddy was Lorcan Morris.

She made the right choice in switching the caddie since she felt at ease and relaxed after her wife arrived for the job. As a result, she successfully won eighth place in the race.

Lisa claims that she dropped the putter cover three times and the towel just once throughout the tournament. She also made light of the fact that she received 12 warnings to be silent in her tweet.

In the Golf Central game “Caddie Knows Best,” Sarah’s 2016 caddie, Lorcan Morris, demonstrated to the reporter how well he knew her. Even Sarah was impressed by how well her caddie answered each question. Even though Lorcan is now Ben Taylor’s caddy, he knew Sarah well.

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