Gary Jacobs and Jerri-Ann Jacobs welcomed Sara Jacobs into the world on February 1, 1989. Jerri-Ann founded JITLI, and Gary is a businessman.

Sara Josephine Jacobs is well known as California’s 53rd Congressional District representative. She set a record for being the youngest person to accomplish this. She had just turned 31.

In November, she overcame Georgette Gómez to win. It’s interesting that she also applied for this job in 2018. Mike Levin defeated her.

She has already held this position for two years. She is currently residing in Bankers Hill, California. Sara earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from Columbia University. Her Master’s degree was earned in 2012.

It may be easier for her to establish herself because she comes from a family of famous people. She served as Hillary Clinton’s policy advisor throughout the 2016 campaign.

Sara Jacobs Parents, Siblings, And Family Members Details

The Parents Of Sara Jacobs Are From San Diego.

Gary E. Jacobs and Jerri-Ann Jacobs, Sara’s parents, are from San Diego, California.

Like their daughter Sara, Gary and Jerri-Ann are great achievers. In the city of San Diego, they first met. The couple’s wedding anniversary is June 5.

Owned Of Lake Elsinore Stroms Is Sara Jacobs ‘father, Gary E.Jacobs

Businessman Gary Jacobs and his partner, Len Simon, are the owners and operators of the Lake Elsinore Storm Baseball Club.

The professional baseball players who make up the Lake Elsinore Storm compete in home games at Storm Stadium. It was founded in California in 1994.

Gary founded Jacobs Online LLC. Transformers, voltage, and other equipment that is needed in businesses and educational labs can be purchased by customers there.

The managing director at Jacobs Investment Company LLC is Gary. This business was founded in 1997 to invest in real estate.

He also holds the position of chairman of the biotechnology company Nutrinia Ltd. He oversees numerous companies, such as Next Generation Technologies and Bio2 Technologies.

His entrepreneurial experience suggests that science and the vast world of technology are his areas of passion. He makes an effort to integrate new technology into education and the classroom.

He serves as the Dean’s Advisory Council chairman at the University of California since he is an avid supporter of the education industry.

Gary Jacob has a six-figure net worth due to his experience in the business world. Gary graduated from Washington State University as a mechanical engineer in 1967.

La Jolla High School was where he received his education. He graduated from the University of California with a Bachelor of Arts in Management Science in 1979.

After receiving his degree, he entered the workforce by joining Linkabit, Inc. He later joined Qualcomm before leaving in 1996.

Soon after, he started working as a senior education specialist for several K–12 organizations. Before quitting in 2000, he did this for four years.

The Founder Of JITLI Is Sara Jacobs’ Mother, Jerri-Ann Jacobs

Jerri-Ann Jacobs is a powerful and successful lady in equal measure. She is praised for establishing the Jacobs International Teen Leadership Institute (JITLI).


JITLI was established in 2000. It is appropriate to acknowledge Jewish Federation for contributing to the creation of this organization.

Young people can sign up here to receive the best benefits and exposure and to pursue their numerous dreams and aspirations.

In addition, they can get assistance from the JITLI alums in building a better society. Jerri-Ann and her life partner started High Tech High school.

It is impossible to ignore Jerri-contribution Ann’s to the growth of the educational sector. She and her husband founded the Gary and Jerri-Ann Graduate Fellowship.

She co-founded the Jerri-Ann and Gary Jacobs Chair for social sciences. She attended schools in Brooklyn for her education. She was born on January 2 and is a Capricorn.

She claimed her mother used to coach a sports team in San Diego an Instagram post. She enjoys participating in various sports and games for enjoyment and adventure.

She is compassionate toward animals and empathetic. She also owns two dogs as pets, as is evident. Goldie is the name of one of them. In 2015, she visited the Taj Mahal.

Sara Jacobs’s Relatives

The immediate family of Sara Jacobs consists of her three siblings as well as her mother and father. Her grandparents are Joan and Irwin and Mark Jacobs.

Irwin and his two other partners founded Qualcomm in 1985, gaining name recognition, financial success, and renown. He is currently a billionaire and 84 years old.

Paul E. Jacobs, Jeffrey A. Jacobs, and Hal Jacobs are Sara’s three uncles. Paul is a significant business figure. He spent a few years serving as the chairman of his father’s business, Qualcomm.

Adam and Dylan Jacobs are Sara’s brothers. Beth Jacobs is the name of her one sister.

Dylan Jacobs

Dylan Jacobs has a preference for sports. According to his Instagram name, his current squad is the New York Rugby Club.

Following in the footsteps of his parents, he is also a teacher. He also has a great love for music. Dylan is a gifted lyricist as well as a musician.

In 2017. His education ended at Cornell University. He later got married to his spouse. May 30 is his birthday.

Beth Jacobs

Beth Jacobs, Sara’s sister, is active on the photo-sharing website under the handle @bethezda1. Her social media account has 106 posts and is in private mode.

In June 2013, Beth received her diploma from the University of California, ARC Pavilion. On that day, Sara and Adam were there to stand by her.

Adam Jacobs

Aylana Davina is the only child that Adam Jacobs, a happily married guy, has. Amy Jacobs is his spouse. He has a birthday on March 28 and is 36 years old.

Adam has taken part in several endeavors. He leads the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce. He also operates Fortis & YOGALUX, a facility where fitness fans may sign up to train themselves.

The Jacobs Scheriff Group’s founding partner is Jacobs as well. The Jacobs family has accomplished a great deal.


Even though they are presumably busy most of the time, they make time to be together on rare occasions. In 2016, they made a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico, to observe Thanksgiving.

The Jacobs recently visited the Nidhe Israel Synagogue in January. They all attended the Padres game at Petco Park Stadium in San Diego because they are avid sports enthusiasts.

America’s Sara Jacobs Is A Politician

Beginning on January 3, 2021, Sara Jacobs will hold the distinguished position of U.S. representative. Sara identifies as a congresswoman for the Democrats.

Sara is a fervent supporter of women’s menstrual and reproductive health. She supports the planned parenthood action fund of the Pacific Southwest.

She feels obligated to stand up for her brother’s community and their freedom since he is a transman. As a robust politician, she also has goals and aspirations that have to do with children.

Her other primary goal is access to safe abortion. She even spent time in jail in 2022 for her activism supporting this cause.

She is worried about climate change and all the terrible things it will do to people. Sara gained attention for freezing her egg as a powerful woman. She spoke with CNN in an interview about this subject.

Although she is a member of the minority Democratic party and the Republicans are in power, she is still striving to achieve her objectives.

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