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Samirah Muzaffar’s biodata and other facts are available today since the mother, and her two teenagers have been cleared of the murder allegation.

Muzaffar was accused of the murder of her husband, Nazrin Hassan, and was arrested with her two teenagers. The event occurred in 2018 when the late CEO of Cradle Fund was killed in a fire in his bedroom. The reports said that the cell phone burst, causing the fire to occur and spread.

The second investigation, however, revealed the presence of gasoline marks on his body, and mobile phone, according to the forensic report. Hassan’s wife, Samirah, two teenagers, and an Indonesian maid were detained as the accused perpetrators as the inquiry advanced. They were all there at the time of the incident.

Sarah was also accused of failing to notify the fire department and appearing unconcerned about her husband’s death. However, due to a lack of adequate evidence, the judge released the woman and the two steens after more than two years of legal proceedings.

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Who Is Nazrin Hassan Wife?

Samirah Muzaffar is the ex-wife of Nazrin Hassan, a Malaysian entrepreneur, and executive.

Her company is still operating in Malaysia, and the lady is still a well-known entrepreneur.However, the specifics of her work and other professional career paths are not extensively defined in online sources.

Hassan and Samirah married when the latter was still employed as a senior executive at the Malaysian Intellectual Property Corporation.

They had one kid together and four more children from prior marriages throughout their tenure as a married pair.

Where Is Samirah Muzaffar Today?

Samirah Muzaffar and the other teenagers are now free in Malaysia after a judge found them not guilty of the charges. Following Nazrin’s death, she has been subjected to ongoing investigation procedures and methodologies.

Several witnesses were called and present during the trial, but none of the claims were able to persuade the judges that they were true.

Consequently, Samirah was released and is now most likely at home with her supporters following her release from detention and legal proceedings.

Cradle Find CEO Nazrin Hassan Death: What Happened?

Nazrin Hassan, the former CEO of Cradle Fund, perished in a fire at his house on June 14, 2018.

Initially, the cause of the fire was thought to be an exploding cellphone, as previously stated.
However, another autopsy four months later uncovered new indications that showed the man had been murdered.

Later found information included evidence of a direct hit on his head and signs that ignited the fire to conceal his death. Gasoline stains on the guy, his bed, his phone, and uneven fire marks within the building all suggested that something was wrong.

Nazrin’s chamber was closed from the outside, which heightened the suspicion of murder even more. The court found no evidence of someone’s participation and thus released the thought criminals.

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