Sam Roloff and Cheryl tied the knot in San Francisco in front of their loved ones. Sam Roloff met Cheryl while on an art trip to Europe.

Fans may identify him from his role in Little People Nig Wolrd, but severe art collectors frequent his shows at Portland’s White Space Gallery.

The Rabbit Hole Art Gallery & Studios, 2836 Gravenstein Highway S, Sebastopol, CA 95472, is another one of his business ventures.

According to his website, Sam’s most intriguing and prolific paintings are on display in Sebastopol, where he lives and works.

Almost all of his most notable works from the previous 30 years are included in this stunning collection. Giclees of previously-created artwork are still relatively common.

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Sam Roloff And His Wife Cheryl Lead

After a trip to Europe, Sam Roloff, Matt’s brother, met and married Cheryl. They had their wedding in the historic district of San Francisco. The lives of Sam, Cheryl, and their kids Max, Henry, and Amelia are entire and wealthy.

The couple had their first kid in New York and then moved to Chicago, where they had their second child, Henry. In 2002, the Roloffs made it to Portland, where they have been ever since.

Amelia, the youngest of the three children, was born to a happy couple. Sam has been somewhat cagey about his girlfriend’s identity online, only mentioning her by name on his website.

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But in 2015, he shared photos of himself and his kids on Facebook; they were all dressed the same and striking the same postures. Commenters gushed over how lovely the subjects of their photos were: their own families.

Roloff no longer has to attend prestigious art institutions or travel the globe to find inspiration; his wonderful family does the same. He also attributes his paintings’ fluidity and feeling of playfulness to the influence of his kids.

Matt Roloff And Sam Roloff

While Matt’s connection with his boys as an artist has soured, he and his brother Sam remain close. Compared to him, Sam is a mere six years younger.

Matt often shares pictures on Facebook, and Instagram, showing that the two are close. Whenever the brothers are in town, they always see their sister Ruth.

However, unlike his sibling, Sam seldom appears on Little People, Big World. Fans, however, are well aware that he is Matt’s sibling because of the numerous photos of the two of them that he has posted online.

Matt posted a snapshot of the Roloff family celebrating their dad’s 80th birthday and challenged his audience to name everyone in the photo.

His sister Ruth has three daughters, and he implied that one is married. And Sam, his brother, is a father of three.

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