Sam Morelos Got Helped By Her Parents To Lift Up Her Career Journey

Jennifer Esclamado and Beeboy Morelos, the parents of Sam Morelos, are Filipino immigrants. Both Jennifer Esclamado and Beeboyeside are based out of Los Angeles.

Sam, or Samantha Morelos, is a famous Filipino-American actress and singer. With her unique singing abilities and imposing stage presence, Morelos has won over crowds across the country.

Since then, she’s been a hot commodity for roles in various stage musicals. The Filipino actress has starred in a handful of films, including “Extraordinary Night” (2016) and “Forgetting Nobody” (2022), all of which can be seen on her IMDB profile.

In 2023, she made her acting debut in the Netflix series That ’90s Show. The young actor is fantastic among her other cast members.

Her family has been the inspiration and backbone of her achievement. Their consistent support and advice have made her career journey much less complicated.

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Sam Morelos’s Parents

Sam Morelos was raised in Los Angeles by his parents, Jennifer Esclamado and Beeboy Morelos. Sam and her brother Matthew were raised together.

Her parents have always encouraged her to follow her dreams and seek a career in performing. She could pursue her passion for acting with the help and advice she received from them.

The actress’s close relationship with her parents is shown in her numerous gratitude expressions, particularly on her Instagram account. In 2021, she sent her mum a lengthy and sentimental Mother’s Day card.

Morelos, 17 years old, expressed her gratitude by writing that her mother inspires her to keep going and stay smiling no matter how bad things become.

She will always appreciate her undying love and the gift of music that she gave her. Sam’s love of music began at a young age, and she began playing the violin.

She attributes her first experiences with performing to her brother Matthew, with whom she shared practice sessions.

Sam’s Mother, Jennifer Esclamado-Morelos

Sam’s mother, Jennifer Esclamado-Morelos, is the inspiration for her success. Jennifer’s mother is a multi-talented performer in both the orchestra and on stage.

She is a professional singer who, as of 2012, has been a member of the Philippine Chamber Singers, a group in Los Angeles.

She says her doting mother first sparked her musical curiosity. Management, creative problem-solving, and Jennifer’s ability to lead are all areas in which she has helped the Los Angeles film industry.

Her LinkedIn page boasts of 20 years she has spent in the Greater Los Angeles area meeting the needs of the film location business for still photographs, television, commercials, music videos, new media, and feature films. She has been in leadership positions and managing operations for 15 years.

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Her schooling includes four years at the University of Santo Tomas, where she got a BA in communication arts between 1992 and 1996.

In addition, Jennifer maintains a private Instagram account with the handle @jenny.morelos, with around 667 followers and 3000 posts.

She also posts recordings of her kids singing on YouTube on a channel she created under her name, Jenny Morelos.

Sam’s Father, Beeboy Morelos

Beeboy Morelos is a devoted husband to Jennifer and a doting father to Sam, and the two have a stable, happy family life together.

Even while his social media profiles give some insight into his professional history and experience, they might be more specific regarding his career path. He is more at ease in a low-key professional environment.

Furthermore, Jennifer, his wife, can frequently tag images of him with his wife, daughter, and son in his Facebook photo album, as well as the events that make him and Jennifer so pleased to be their parents.

The actress from “Forgetting Nobody” has the same amount of affection for her dad as she has for her mom.

She routinely posts photos of herself and him together on social media because she likes reminiscing with him.

On June 19, 2022, the aspiring actress shared pictures from her youth with her dad. She captioned it, “To put it simply: you are my father. the boogie woogie woogie.”

Photos of Sam, Matthew, and Jennifer flood his Facebook page. As a doting father, he constantly promotes Sam’s work on his profile.

He places high importance on family since they receive the majority of his attention, and attention is what he gives to them.

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