Sam Ballard Ate Slug Of Rat Lungworm On Dare: Rugby Player Death


Sam Ballard, a young Australian, seized the slimy bug and gulped it down. He had no idea that the slug was harboring a deadly worm that would paralyze his entire body.

He spent almost a year in a coma as a result, and it ultimately claimed his life. It was just a group of young men making a foolish dare. Considering the potential risk, he thought about eating a little slug but made the wrong decision.

A slug began crawling over Jimmy Galvin’s concrete patio at his Sydney house as Sam, a passionate rugby player who was 19 at the time, and several other Australian friends were drinking.

Story on Sam Ballard Ate Slug Of Rat Lungworm On Dare

According to in Australia, Sam Ballard ate the garden plant in 2010 as part of a challenge. But the prank that started innocently turned sad as he had encephalitis and went into a coma for 420 days.

He had a severe brain injury from the incident, yet he could live for an additional eight years.


According to The Sunday Project in Australia, he passed away on Friday. He was surrounded by 20 people he loved the most in the entire world, The Sunday Project anchor Lisa Wilkison said on the news website 10 Daily.

Although several accounts of Ballard’s age exist, it is generally accepted that he was 19 when he consumed the slug.

Wikipedia: Who Is Sam Ballard?

Sam Ballard was born in Sydney, Australia. Sam was of Caucasian ancestry and held Australian citizenship; he was also reared there.

Sam complied with a party challenge to eat a slug in 2010. He was just 19 years old at the time. Eosinophilic Meningoencephalitis, the cause of his demise, is characterized by a high level of eosinophils, a kind of white blood cell marker of meningitis, in the cerebral fluid (CSF).

The typical offender is the parasite Angiostrongylus cantonensis, also known as the rat lungworm. He spent the next 420 days in a coma due to this. Although many people recovered from it, he sustained significant brain damage.

Sam made a living as a rugby player. He was an ordinary teenager when he was nineteen. Ballard used to appear like a grownup when drinking wine with his friends in the garden.

Sam Ballard Family And Heartbreaking Tribute Details

Sam Ballard, a rugby player, died eight years after eating a slug on a dare, and his grieving family has paid a terrible tribute to him.

Ballard is now regarded as a true fighter and a hero to his younger siblings despite contracting rat lung illness and suffering awful consequences.

The 29-year-old man’s final days were “the happiest,” according to his family, and when he passed away, he was in a room filled with love and 20 family members and friends.

Last Friday, just a few seconds after telling his mother Katie that he loved her, Sam, who ate the lethal slug and developed quadriplegia, went suddenly.

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