Ruby Franke Divorce, Children, Earnings, And Net Worth Details

Ruby Franke and Kevin Franke are thought to have divorced.

The myth has been fanned by Kevin’s lack of media appearances with his family and the idea that Chad and Shari have severed ties with them.

The previous few years have seen Ruby, 40, and Kevin, 43, along with their six children, Shari, Chad, Abby, Julie, Russell, and Eve, manage the well-known YouTube channel 8 Passengers. The channel showed what the eight-person family did daily and all their problems at home.

Ruby Franke Divorce, Children, Earnings, And Net Worth Details
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People started to become aware of the parents’ maltreatment of their kids, and eventually, the family appeared to have disintegrated.

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Ruby Franke Divorce Details

Ruby Franke and Kevin Franke are no longer married. Instead, Kevin and his son Chad live in a different home than the rest of the Franke family, according to a Reddit member from the same town as the Frankes.

Internet users assume the pair is telling the truth even though they haven’t discussed their divorce. He hasn’t shared anything with the family this summer, and online users are questioning why he hasn’t been as active on the Moms of Truth Facebook page.

Many people have noticed that Ruby never wears her wedding ring in videos. In December 2021, when he spent the day with the kids preparing all the driveways in their area, Kevin was last spotted on Ruby’s Instagram.

We could not find Kevin anywhere; therefore, it appears he has deleted his social media accounts. Although many people thought the accusations were untrue, some argued that her relationship with Jodi Hildebrandt caused the controversy.

A Reddit user charged Jodi with breaking apart relationships. Many of the older Connexions evaluations discuss how couples who saw Jodi were more likely to experience a contentious divorce than a happier marriage, according to CozmikDexter.

Hildebrandt has been helping people change for the better for more than 25 years as an expert in mental fitness and relationships. 8 Passenger Ruby joined Hildebrandt in ConneXions after exiting the channel.

NameRuby Franke
Born18 January 1982
BirthplaceUtah, USA
ParentsChad and Jennifer Griffith
HusbandKevin Franke

Meet Ruby Franke’s Children

The six youngsters who made up the cast of Channel 8 Passenger are the offspring of Ruby and Kevin Franke. Shari, 19; Chad, 17; Abby, 15; Julie, 13; Russell, 19; and Eve, 8, are the six kids.

The channel now has 2.31 million subscribers after having great success as a family channel. However, when their kids started talking about some of the recent things that had happened in their lives in 2020, Ruby and Kevin Franke’s life took an unexpectedly grim turn.

The remarks made by her son Chad, who was 15 at the time, sparked a lot of debate among viewers. It led to accusations of abuse and threatening behavior, and child protective services checked on the situation.

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He insisted that he lost his room due to tricking his younger brother Russell into packing for a fake Disneyland vacation and hanging him from a basketball hoop.

On the suggestion of a therapist, Chad was relocated from the room he shared with Russell and given the choice of sleeping on a pull-out guest bed, an air mattress, or anywhere else in the house.

The “What we haven’t told you” video was taken down. Chad’s “story of redemption” included a sensitive moment, according to Kevin, who spoke to Insider.

Chad had “success over the problems he’s encountered over the last several years,” adding that this showed. Another tale that appeared in drama films was Ruby starving their daughter Eve, who was six years old at the time because Eve had forgotten to pack her lunch one day.

The teacher was distressed by Eve’s hunger at the time, and Ruby said in a vlog that she had volunteered to drive her lunch over, but Ruby denied this.

The Franke responded by telling Insider that the tape omitted that Eve had two hours of class left that day and that the kids went to a school 45 minutes away from their house.

According to Kevin, the kids were taught how to make lunch when they were Eve’s age. After all, the family has gained attention since Shari Franke expressed opposition to them.

After considerable discussion, the former finally spoke up and confirmed that she has no ties with Shari’s parents. However, she did express a desire for a speedy reunion of the family.

Shari also talked about her mother’s company, ConneXions, where she gave people parenting counsel. However, in the opinion of many, including Shari, the instruction presented is overly severe for young children and sets unrealistic expectations for them.

According to one of Ruby’s sisters, not just Shari but also Ruby’s sisters have publicly acknowledged that Ruby and the family are no longer speaking.

ChildrenSix (Shari, Chad, Abby, Julie, Russell, and Eve)

Ruby Franke’s Net Worth Explored

As of 2022, YouTuber Ruby Franke has a net worth of $500,000. She used to manage the well-known YouTube channel 8 Passengers with her husband, Kevin, and their six kids.

The vlog documented the Franke family’s daily activities and the domestic conflict. The channel has received 1,028,737,728 views and 2.31 million subscribers since its launch in January 2015.

As of October 2022, she had cumulative earnings of $5,143,688 based on Forbes’ calculation of $5 for every 1,000 YouTube video views.

However, since Eve’s baptism nine months ago, there haven’t been any new videos posted on YouTube. The family argument and the tales of abuse and separation seem genuine.

Her current Connexions business has considerably increased Ruby’s income. In addition, she is a trained mental fitness specialist with ConneXions. ConneXions Insiders say that they can give you access to a way to get better that psychotherapy can’t.

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According to their website, ConneXions Training has given hundreds of men and women of all ages the tools they need to improve their relationships and lives.

If you want to access CONNEXIONS INSIDERS every month or only have one question addressed, there are two membership options to suit you where you are in your path.

You will pay $21 for ConneXions Insiders for a month and $21 for 20 minutes of ConneXions Insiders Direct.

On the other hand, her husband, Kevin, is an assistant professor of civil engineering at Brigham Young University. He graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.

After getting his master’s from the University of Washington, he went to Brigham Young University to get his Ph.D. He worked as a qualified geotechnical and earthquake engineering consultant for over seven years.

OccupationYouTuber, Mental Fitness trainer
Net Worth$500,000
YouTube channel8 Passengers
Subscribers2.31 million
Total Views1,028,737,728 views

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