Roxy Jacenko Husband Oliver Curtis, Married Life, Parents And Children Details

Investment banking is the profession of Roxy Jacenko’s husband, Oliver Curtis. Since 2012, Oliver and Roxy have been married.

Roxy, an Australian businesswoman, placed among the runners-up on The Celebrity Apprentice Australia’s third season. She was born on June 8th, 1980.

She is the director of Sweaty Betty PR, which took its name from the apparel company Sweaty Betty in London and was founded in 2004 when Jacenko was 24 years old. Sweaty Betty PR is based in Sydney.

The company boasted over 70 clients, including well-known companies like Peugeot, Coles Supermarkets, Harris Scarfe, and Oliver Peoples, in addition to celebrities like Hayden Quinn and Maude Garrett, rivals on Master Chef Australia.

In order to appear in the semi-scripted reality TV series The Sweat Box, she signed a contract with the Seven Network in 2010.

It was announced that the program would mimic the American television program The Hills and would center on Sydney’s affluent Eastern Suburbs.

Her debut novel, Strictly Confidential: A Jazzy Lou Novel, was released in 2012. It provides a “behind-the-scenes” glimpse into the public relations and fashion sectors and was written by Allen & Unwin.

In 2013, she acknowledged that the novel’s protagonist possessed a number of noteworthy personality traits, including a “extreme” devotion to her work.

Roxy Jacenko
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Roxy Jacenko Husband Oliver Curtis

The husband of Roxy Jacenko is a well-known Australian businessman named Oliver Curtis.

Oliver was born in Australia. He was born there and raised there. He lived his entire life with Sophie Curtis, who is her sister. He is the child of Nick Curtis and Angela Curtis.

Despite getting into a few problems throughout the course of his career, the businessman has established a successful career out of his trade.

He began by doing work for a small business. Over time, he grew his companies, and today he goes to various states on business. He has amassed huge reputation and wealth thanks to the bitcoin mining sector.

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He has amassed considerable wealth while serving as Firmus Grid’s COO. Nick’s father serves as the company’s chairman.

In order to make the Company stand out on the Australian stock exchange, they are working together.

Their mining firm raised around $50 million to list on the ASX market. The Company has already received Australian Financial Review approval.

Along with bitcoin, he also works with forward-thinking data center companies and cloud services powered by sustainable energy.

Roxy Jacenko And Oliver Curtis Married Life

Roxy and Oliver got hitched in 2012. The wedding took place on March 11.

It was a lavish affair, the wedding. The event cost more than $250,000 to produce. The wedding’s outfit was equally expensive and exquisite. Their plane took off from Los Angeles.

The ceremony was held at the opulent Quay restaurant, where a new carpet in the bride’s precise color preferences was put in place. A Ferrari was the wedding present for the bride.

About 120 people were invited to the celebration. They witnessed one of the biggest celebrations while there. Roasted mulloway, grain-fed beef, and kingfish sashimi were among the delectable spread.

The wedding cake featured seven distinct textures of chocolate and coconut cream as a delight.

The future in-law of the bride, Jacenko, was referred to as a “force of nature” by the groom’s father, mining magnate Nick Curtis, who also praised the couple’s seven-month-old daughter, Pixie Rose.

Children Of Roxy Jacenko

Parents of two children are Roxy Jacenko and Oliver Curtis. Their son is named Hunter Curtis, and their daughter is named Pixie Curtis.

Roxy feels obliged to do everything in her ability to provide these little children a better existence since she is happy that she was able to give birth to them.

She added that she would give up her pleasure for her children. She has also emphasized how resilient she has always been for her daughter’s sake.

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  • Pixie Curtis

The daughter of Roxy Jacenko is 11-year-old Pixie Curtis.

Pixie has accumulated fortune for someone her age. She has made a lot of money by selling toys.

In March 2021, she changed the name of her company to Pixie’s Fidgets. Her mother, Roxy, has assisted her in starting the company that carries her name.

Additionally, when she was just two years old, her mother launched a business selling hair accessories.

The toy business has achieved great success. It was successful in selling out in less than 48 hours after going on sale. In addition, the business made 200,000 Australian Dollars in its first month of operation.

Her mother Roxy claims that she may be able to retire at the age of fifteen because of the wealth she has accumulated.

As @pixiecurtis, she also has a personal Instagram account. On Instagram, she presently has 120K followers.

  • Hunter Curtis

The other child of Roxy Jacenko is called Huner Curtis. Roxy has already launched a business for her son. Various kids’ streetwear and accessories are sold under the HPC brand.

They had thought about donning bow ties. Later, though, they decided against caps in favor of ties since Hunter insisted on it.

Hunter has chosen trucker and bucket hats for the initial round of summer-friendly products. They also intend to expand the assortment with denim socks and outerwear.

In addition, you may find him on the social network Instagarm as @huntercurtis14. 20,000 people currently follow him. Roxy Jacenko is in charge of running his official page.

Nick and Doreen Davis Are The Parents of Roxy Jacenko

The parents of Roxy Jacenko are Nick and Doreen Davis. Both of them are millionaires and extremely wealthy.

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A bad relationship led to the dissolution of their 38-year marriage. The former couple spent a lot of time working in business and the corporate sector.

  • Father Nick Jacenko

Nick founded the lucrative fashion business Capital Clothing after getting married, and it currently generates more than $10 million annually. Their wealth continued to rise as a result of real estate investments.

Sadly, the happy couple chose to separate in 2011 and go their separate ways.

Despite the divorce, she and her mother get along wonderfully well. On the other side, Roxy and her father do not get along well.

Since her father mistreated her mother for so long and never indicated a desire to visit the family, the entrepreneur stated she has lost contact with him.

Jacenko is a professional in the real estate development field. He is seeing fashion designer Lisa Ho. He wants to construct a $90 million apartment with Lisa.

  • Mother Doreen Davis

After their divorce, Roxy and Doreen Davis moved into the same apartment in the same North Bondi building.

For the mansion, she gets a lot of design ideas from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Doreen entrusted every single detail to designer Blainey North. Following their divorce, Doreen and Nick sold a joint investment property for almost $78 million.

The house will be artistic, practical, and cozy. She also claimed that he had always wanted a place to belong to her. Currently satisfied, Doreen has no desire to get married again.

Roxy Jacenko’s Sister Ruby

Ruby Jacenko is Roxy Jacenko’s sibling. She is a socialite and a businesswoman from Australia.

Ruby was born in Sydney, the youngest of her family’s children. She attended Sceggs Darlinghurst as a student. She concurrently studied fashion at Sydney East Tafe.

The fashionista launched the fashion and lifestyle blog Not Going Home when she was 21 years old.

An online store is now a part of the blog. She offers a variety of fashion accessories, including fake lips, temporary tattoos, and jewelry.

They were wed as Jackson Eisenpresser and she. They released the song Ace in December 2018. Her husband is a businessman with ties to Australia.

They originally encountered significant challenges. But she doesn’t talk to her estranged sibling anymore.

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