Parents of Ross Butler He was reared in America by his English mother and American father, Jeannie Butler. Ross, born in Singapore, relocated to the United States when he was four.

Prominent roles include Zach Dempsey in Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why and Brett Willis in Corinne Marshall’s K.C. Undercover.

Butler began his career in minor roles in independent films and student productions. Now he has landed his big break in a recurring role on Zendaya’s Disney Channel comedy series K.C. Undercover.

In the 2017 season of Riverdale, a supernatural horror crime drama, he played the role of Reggie Mantle. After committing to 13 Reasons Why he abandoned the drama series.

Though, in Riverdale’s 100th episode, The Jughead Paradox, he returned to his role as Reggie. The celebrity initially had little enthusiasm for the acting profession. But after witnessing the severe lack of Asian-American talent in Hollywood, he decided to break the mold.

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Know About Ross Butler

Foster parents of Ross Butler Although Jeannie Butler was born in the United States, she and her English-speaking dad made Jakarta their permanent home.

Jeannie Butler, his mother, works as a realtor in Virginia. He was born in Singapore to a father of English and Dutch descent and a mother of Chinese and Malay descent.

Before moving to the United States, the Butlers made their home in Jakarta, Indonesia. The family of the young star of “13 Reasons Why” relocated to the Washington, D.C. neighborhood of Fairfax, Virginia, when she was just four years old.

His mother, Jeannie Butler, raised him there on her own. He values his family deeply, as indicated by his numerous social media postings about them.

In addition to celebrating important days like birthdays and Father’s and Mother’s Days, he also often posts gorgeous photos of them on Instagram.

On Twitter on June 19, 2017, Butler posted a photo of himself and his father from their childhoods, both of them beaming with happiness.

He penned, “We wish all the dads out there a wonderful Father’s Day! I don’t think I can ever replace you, pops.” He longs to spend time with his beloved father again.

In June 2020, Instagram uploaded another image. Young Ross and his father are smiling and pointing at something in the image as they have fun at the beach.

He wished his father a happy Father’s Day online. He also sent his regards to all the single parents reading this in the post.

Ross Butler’s Mother, Jeannie Butler

Jeannie Butler, Ross’s mom, works as a consultant for Keller Williams Realty in McLean, Virginia. Since starting in October 2008, she has served the company for more than 14 years.

She works with Tysons Corner, Mclean, and Arlington customers to buy and sell houses. She instructs home-sellers on how to make their properties look like enticing models.

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Follow Jeannie on Instagram at @malgal1421 if you’re interested in talking to her there. She’s up to 235 posts and almost 1,000 followers, but she’s keeping her account locked down.

The energy she brings to Facebook is contagious as well. In his youth, when the actor wasn’t very motivated, Jeannie enrolled him in piano lessons, and he’s been playing ever since.

Where Did Ross Butler Spent His Childhood?

He spent his early life in Singapore and Jakarta before moving to Virginia with his family. There are no sibling photos of Ross Butler on social media. Thus, it is safe to assume that he does not have any.

Someone on Twitter in July 2015 speculated that he and Piper Curda might be siblings. He said you two looked similar on Twitter. The actor replied, “nope! we’re not,” through Twitter.

Justin Biticon, a model, tweeted in March 2019 that “the rumors are real, guys. Ross is my brother.” Jokingly, the K.C. Undercover star answered, “I don’t know why there was any doubt” “ever since I turned blonde, guy, smh,” she said.

Butler’s mother had always hoped he would become an engineer, so he did his undergraduate work in chemical engineering at Ohio State before deciding to pursue acting instead.

But he hated his job and planned to leave Virginia soon. One day he told his mother the truth: “In my mind, I must keep people amused.

Intent on narrating some tales here.” His plans to go to Los Angeles had been brewing for months, even though he hadn’t publicly acknowledged them.

He turned 20 and uprooted to L.A. three days later. His mother was initially unsupportive of his choice to pursue acting since she thought it was a silly and unrewarding profession.

At a minimum, his choice strained his relationship with his mother for two full years. Since then, Butler has maintained a cordial connection with his mother, and the two are now on friendly terms.

Ross Butler’s Family History

He has a foot in Asian and European cultures; Perfect High star was born to a Chinese mother and a Malaysian father, giving him a strong sense of Chinese identity and a solid foundation in Malaysian culture.

According to Character Media, although being born in Singapore, he never felt a part of his culture while growing up in Fairfax.

His preferred films typically starred well-known actors like Al Pacino and Tom Hanks, none of whom resembled him.

Although Butler enjoyed Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon when it was released, the film ultimately failed to make an impression on him.

One of the actors said that “they weren’t even speaking English.” Therefore, he didn’t have a solid connection to his Asian origin as a child.

When he first arrived in Los Angeles, he did some modeling, took acting lessons, and went on a few auditions.

The celebrity was quickly shown by Hollywood what was expected of someone with his upbringing. He discovered his calling during the tryouts.

He wondered why his experience had been so devoid of Asian American role models. From a young age, he idolized both Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio.

And once he had decided that he belonged in those chambers, there was probably nothing to stop him. As his career progressed, he was often the sole Asian cast member or crew member.

In Waste It On Me, though, he was one of several Asian actors. He claimed they instantly clicked since they had the everyday experience of being Asian American in the entertainment industry.

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