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In 2013, English actor Rosie Marcel wed Ben Stacey. Her most well-known appearances were in Holby Blue, Holby City, and Venom: let there be mayhem (2004–2022). (2021). Rosie

In 2013, English actor Rosie Marcel wed Ben Stacey. Her most well-known appearances were in Holby Blue, Holby City, and Venom: let there be mayhem (2004–2022). (2021).

Rosie Marcel is a seasoned English actress who has acted in a variety of TV programs, although her work on Holby City (2004-2022) and Holby Blue is the most well-known (2007 release).

She is the offspring of British director Terry Marcel, who rose to fame for his collaboration with writer Harry Robertson on the 1980 film Hawk the Slayer.

Rosie has been a compensated professional performer since 1981. Additional information regarding Rosie Marcel’s marriage, riches, and progeny is provided in the following subheadings.

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Meet Rosie Marcel Husband Ben Stacey

In March 2013, in Las Vegas, Rosie Marcel married Ben Stacey, the proprietor of the gym where she exercises. She comes off as being very reticent when discussing her personal life.

Her husband, Ben Stacey, is unknown to her followers and following. Only members of his family and close acquaintances are aware of him.

However, as you can see from the Instagram snapshot that follows, they are incredibly committed to and supportive of one another.

She was also born on May 6, 1977, in Richmond, London, England, to Terry Marcel and Lindsey Brook. Rosie is 44 as of 2021 but will turn 45 on May 6, 2022.

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Her husband appears to be in his early to mid-forties. Rosie Marcel has not made these details publicly available. Thus we are unable to determine her exact age.

Based on their photos, they might be two to three years apart in age, but considering that they appear to be close in age, that may not be the case.

She also featured pictures of her black karate belt on Instagram. She studied karate because she wanted to be a stuntwoman, per her Wikipedia bio.

Everything you need to know about Rosie Marcel, including information on her marriage, professional career path, and specific early experiences, may be found in her Wikipedia entry.

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Who Are Rosie Marcel Children?

Ben and Rosie Marcel announced their pregnancy two days prior to Rosie Marcel’s IVF procedure in August 2014.

According to a article, Rosie gave birth to a daughter on January 21, 2015, who was given the name Beau Marcel Stacey. Rosie already made a formal statement announcing her pregnancy.

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The pregnancy required a caesarean section due to the mother’s additional clotting problem, storage pool disease.

Given that she hasn’t yet shared any information about her child on any social media networks, it appears that she is keeping her personal details very private.

The next Instagram images show Rosie Marcel, Stacey, and their daughter all together to show how private they are with her.

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Earnings And Net Worth Of Rosie Marcel

It’s possible that Rosie Marcel and Ben Stacey may have a combined net worth of $1 million to $7 million by the year 2022, but this estimate is speculative because the figures haven’t been disclosed.

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Rosie Marcel is a paid professional performer, whilst Stacey makes a living as a gym owner. There are no further funding options that we are aware of for them.

Follow Rosie Marcel on Instagram since she might share updates to these figures there if you’re curious to discover more about their precise net worth and salary figures in the coming days.


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