Rodney Wilson From Oceanside CA: What Did He Do And Was He Arrested?
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Former Overland Park police officer Rodney Wilson was recently caught on camera screaming racial slurs and assaulting bystanders in a pub. Find out more about the incident in this article.

A former Overland Park police officer who was dismissed for threatening a Texas parent on Facebook runs the possibility of going to jail if he breaks the terms of his probation. Rodney Wilson pleaded guilty to four minor counts in 2017 and was sentenced to 90 days in prison and a year on probation.

The Johnson County district attorney initially charged Wilson with a felony for making a criminal threat after a Dallas woman alleged that Wilson had threatened her on Facebook by posting a comment about a photo of her child.

Rodney Wilson: Who Is He & What Did He Do?

Rodney was previously detained in 2017 after threatening a woman on Facebook. In addition, he received a 90-day jail sentence, a year of probation, and termination from his work.

Instead of being charged with the felony, Wilson opted to plead guilty to two misdemeanor counts of assault, obstructing the administration of justice, and fraudulent impersonation. He was initially required to attend a scheduling conference in court in 2017, but he opted to enter guilty pleas instead.

Image Source: Twitter

The former police officer has been overtly racist from the beginning. In addition, he has made multiple claims that he has been racist toward people in social media posts.

The majority of people’s lives don’t matter. He has openly said this on social media sites and threatened people.

Given that he had previously worked as a police officer, his threats were unethical, which resulted in his arrest and the termination of his employment.

Details About Viral Rodney Wilson Video

Rodney was seen on camera in Oceanside in a video circulating on Twitter. The former police officer appeared to fight with the neighborhood residents.

According to the video’s caption, Rodney was intoxicated and unable to control his drinks. Additionally, the footage reveals that Rodney was engaged in a fight outside a San Diego bar.

Image Source: Twitter

Wilson, though, didn’t seem to have fought just one person; rather, he appeared to be battling anybody who stood in his way. In the footage, he looked to be hitting other individuals who were not involved in the argument.

He appeared incredibly inebriated and hateful. Among the patrons at the bar, he was also acting racistly and using some racial slurs. Rodney was still dominating them and attempting to fight the majority of the patrons in the bar, despite some individuals trying to calm him down and stop him from fighting.

Insights On Rodney Wilson Arrest

Rodney’s recent arrest has not received any updates. Thus, the former officer might still be at large. However, numerous calls have been made for the racist former police officer to be imprisoned.

Wilson has a history of terrorizing individuals online and threatening children of color. In addition, he has often been discovered attempting to stalk the family online.

He was detained in 2017 for extortion and again in 2019 for violence. In addition, the former police officer has repeatedly demonstrated that he has a serious rage problem and threatens society.

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