Robyn Dixon Siblings, Parents, And Ethnicity Details

Robyn Dixon has only one sibling, Marc Marcel, a performer, and artist. One of the more exciting stories in The Real Housewives of Potomac’s first season belongs to Robyn.

Robyn Dixon, who plays Robyn Dixon on The Real Housewives of Potomac, has been fighting with her co-stars over their criticism of her identity on the show.

Since school, she has been told that she is not dark enough and has faced accusations of being “racially obsessive” on the show.

Robyn Dixon Siblings, Parents, And Ethnicity Details
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Does Robyn Dixin Have A Brother And A Sister? Explore Robyn Dixon Siblings, Parents, And Ethnicity Details In This Article.

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Robyn Dixon Sibling Details

Marc Marcel, the brother of Robyn Dixon, calls himself a writer and an artist. Robyn and her sister are very close. Marcel is the author of “The Book that Doesn’t Even Matter,” a philosophical book about the purpose of life, as well as the creator and animator of the animated internet series “Gurus,” a cartoon spoof of history’s greatest thinkers.

The singer also sang at the Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar at the US Military Base and the Smithsonian in Washington, DC, for President Obama’s 2009 Presidential Inaugural Peace Ball. Marcel has also appeared five times on national television (BETJ Lyrics Café, No Reservations, etc.).

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One of the most responsible spoken word artists of our generation, according to critics, is Marcel. Marcel was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, and identified as having dyslexia at eleven. He has performed across eight countries and more than 150 American cities while traveling the globe.

He has also spoken re than 50 universities, including Harvard and Yale, written five books, produced 19 spoken word CDs, published 20 poetry collections, and run workshops ran.

SiblingsMarc Marcel (brother)

What Happened To Robyn Dixon Brother?

In a Bravo TV interview, Robyn Dixon claimed that she and her brother were able to attend Baltimore’s top private schools despite usually being the only students of colour there because of their wealthy upbringings.

The actress continued, “I’ll never forget the day my brother came home crying and upset from school because his best friend, a Caucasian male, had called him terrible things after a brief disagreement.”

Robyn claims that Marcel was shocked and upset by the death of his close friend, with whom he had spent almost every day.

It was good that her brother had other friends—young coloured boys with similar situations and experiences—to whom he could turn for comfort and support during that challenging period. However, Robyn strongly desires her children never to experience what her brother did.

Robyn Dixon Parents Explored

Mother, Gigi Bragg, and father, Guy Doc Bragg, were the parents of Robyn. More than 43 years have passed since her parents first got married.

Robyn’s family places high importance on learning and business acumen. As a result, she obtained a degree in business marketing from the University of Maryland College Park, which she has effectively applied to her numerous entrepreneurial enterprises.

Her father is a dentist, and her mother is a business owner and former college instructor with an MBA from an Ivy League university. The father of Robyn has been a physician for more than 52 years. Robyn stated that Guy Doc started working toward his ambition of being a full-time jazz musician when he retired from his position as a dentist some time ago.

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Robyn Dixon gave her father a heartfelt tribute on March 18 in remembrance of his birthday. The Real Housewives of Potomac cast member shared the most lovely photo of herself and her father on Instagram in honor of the occasion.

On her father’s special day, Robyn shared a touching Instagram tribute to him. The lovely photo shows the father-daughter couple smiling while sharing a stadium seat. Another RHOP cast member, Candiace Dillard Bassett, also wished Guy a happy birthday in the comments of her Instagram pictures.

Robyn frequently posts cute pictures of her family, including her dad, on Instagram. In February, she captured a priceless selfie with her parents. “Always their baby,” she added, along with several heart and heart face emojis in the caption.

FatherGuy Bragg
MotherGladys Bragg

Who Is Robyn Dixon Mother?

In addition to her mother, Robyn has several more powerful female role models in her family. Juliet (Jackson) Bragg, the grandmother she had never met, was involved in the community and assisted Baltimore schools in establishing special education departments.

I felt a special connection to her ancestors because they were household heads with families and people working outside the home. One, in particular, was Susan Lowe, Robyn’s second great-grandmother, who looked for at least three kids while working on the farm.

Robyn’s third great-grandmother, Abbie Overstreet, is also Robyn’s sickly mother. Abbie was identified as the head of the household in both the 1870 and 1880 censuses.

Even though Susan’s spouse was recorded as “Sam Lowe” on her record, the father of Susan’s children was either Jack Lowe or unknown (according to Dora, Robyn’s great-grandmother, according to her death record).

Susan was committed to securing her family’s future, as evidenced by leaving everything to her three children in her will when she passed away in 1919.

Robyn Dixon Ethnicity Details

Dixon posted her ancestry research on Instagram on June 2, 2019. She identified her race in a collection of pictures showing the test results. According to the study, she is 39% African and has ancestry in Mali and the Congo.

The reality star is barely 1% Asian and 59% European. Her European background originates mainly in Ireland and Western Europe. Despite the results, Dixon reaffirmed that she would never consider herself mixed-race or biracial.

In Season One, Robyn was compelled to defend her race and explain that, although having a lighter complexion, she was not biracial and could not have descended from a white ancestor, which brought up racial themes that were prevalent in the show.

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There has also been a lot of interest in Robyn’s family history on social media. However, many of her ancestors, especially those on her mother’s side, were recorded as “mulatto” in several censuses, indicating that the census taker was aware of or recognized them as having some white ancestry.

She claimed that no matter the percentage of African Americans derived from Europeans, she had always understood she was never genuinely coloured.

She attributed African Americans’ European ancestry to the evil white enslavers who had been abusing enslaved people for ages. In addition, despite being 59% European, the actress refused to identify as biracial or mixed-race.


Some FAQs About Robyn Dixon

How many siblings does Robyn Dixon have?

Robyn Dixon has a brother named Marc Marcel.

How old is Robyn Dixon?

Robyn is currently 43 years old.

How did Robyn and her husband Juan meet?

Robyn Dixon and Juan Dixon met in high school in 1996 and immediately fell in love.

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