Roby Attal, an up-and-coming American actor, is most recognized for his work in Messiah, Red 11, and Hell Fest.

He is an actor in the play Haunting of Bly Manor. He plays Edmund O’Mara in the television program. Up to 2022, Roby had numerous film and television appearances, which contributed to his ascent to stardom.

The projects that Robby has worked on are listed below. Edmund, played by Robby, was a beloved member of The Haunting of Bly Manor’s main cast.

The screenplay for the miniseries was also so great that it garnered nearly eight IMDB ratings. In the horror and thriller film Hell Fest, Robby portrays Gavin.

The film follows a serial killer who converts territories into a group of friends after converting a theme park with a horror theme into his home.

Roby Attal
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Who Is Roby Attal? His Wikipedia Bio

Roby made his acting debut as Cpt. David Mathias in Mikko Alanne’s action drama and biography series The Long Road Home, which debuted on November 7, 2017.

Roby made his second acting debut in the Hollywood film industry in 2018 in a small bio-based series made by David Lykes Keenan. He portrayed Rivers in the drama.

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Hostage 911, a horror, sci-fi, and thriller film that was released on April 9, 2018, was also directed by renowned thriller director Robert Rodriguez, and Roby was chosen to play the lead part.

In August, his most recent project debuted on Netflix. He performed the part of Justin Coleman in the television series Partner Track. He is a member of the lead cast because he has participated in each of the ten episodes of the show.

How Old Is Roby Attal? His Age

According to the pictures, Roby Attal is in his mid-to the late 20s.

Since he began actively pursuing his acting career in 2017, Robby has starred in a number of blockbuster films. Attal has gotten a lot of screen time because of his talent.

After getting his degree, the actor might have started performing professionally. When Robby was little, Jackie Chan was someone he greatly admired. He also enjoys admiring paintings.

Meet Roby Attal Girlfriend: His Relationship Details

Roby Atal has posted pictures on Instagram with several women, although he is not believed to be dating anyone right now.

Robby might be single because he hasn’t frequently posted pictures of himself with the same woman. But the actor just published a picture of himself hiking with Jessica Sula.

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They had never been in any pictures shared by Atal previously. Jessica hasn’t shared any of their photos on her profile, so they could not be related.

If Attal ever has a girlfriend, she would surely come up in his Instagram posts since he routinely uploads pictures there.

Some Facts About About Roby Attal

  • Robby Attal’s net worth has increased as a result of his participation in several ventures and is currently believed to be about $500,000.
  • Attal enjoys an opulent lifestyle and frequently travels. The performer may currently be leading a comfortable life as a result.
  • Austin, Texas, is where Attal and his family are from. On Instagram, Roby shared a photo of his family.
  • On his Instagram, he has published countless images of Jacie Chan.
  • He also has a puppy that he loves very much.
  • The majority of Atal’s films and television shows are available on Netflix.

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